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THE 2014-2017 RULES


RULES for 2014—2017


Policy and Procedure           Section I               Pages 1

Safety Rules                         Section II              Pages 3

Body                                      Section III             Page 5

Frame & Suspension            Section IV             Page 6

Motors                                   Section V               Page 7

Sportsman Division              Section  VI            Page 8


Page  1

P.O. Box 1266, Martinsville, VA 24112-1266


1. Association created for those interested in preserving the sport of vintage stock car racing.

2. Association to be an organization of first fellowship and companionship in a social atmosphere and second to create a place for the development of vintage race cars.

3. Association to assist and help members in their pursuit in obtaining, developing and participating with their cars.

4. Association to obtain races, car shows and other activities for the membership.

5. The Association will consist of the following officers;

     1-President                     2-Vice-President

     3-Secretary                    4-Treasurer

     5-Technical Directors      6-Race Director

     7-Public Relations Director

6. For scheduling and tax purposes, our physical year will run from January 1 —December 31, the membership will nominate officers and elect same for next year. Election to be held at the November meeting. Officers can be re-elected to more than one term if voted on by membership.

7. This committee of officers will on a voluntary basis carry out the function of the Association.

8. To establish a fair and equitable system of awards for the activities of the membership. That these will be awarded at the end of the season, as well as the track champions 1st— 4th place for each division, Sportsman and Modified.

9. To set rules and regulations of fair play for the owners and drivers. Said rules and regulations will always reflect the following three considerations:

          SAFETY, PARITY & COST.

10. deleted 12-15-2008

11. To conduct regular meetings for the membership.

Page 2

12. To accept dues, donations and other monies for the purpose of supporting the operation of the Association.

13. To expose the Association to the community in a positive manner with highest degree of professional operation.

14. Association, at some point in time, to participate in some form of community activity. (Make a Wish, Elderly, Children)


GENERAL: Anyone is eligible to become a member of the association subject to the rules of the Club.

Drivers: Sportsman Division -- 50 years old

Drivers: Modified Division -- 40 years old

DUES-Dues for active members will be $50.00 for Drivers and $25.00 for Non-Drivers, Owners and Members. New Driver may have one free race only without joining subject to all membership rules (vote).  No points awarded unless driver joins.  Driver dues $50 until half way point of season, then $25 after half way of season.

ADMISSION-Each new member or previous member must be sponsored by a member in good standing, with the new member paying his/her membership dues.  To be a new member, the club must vote on said new member at a regular meeting and must have a 75% of voters in attendance to be admitted into the club.  Said new membership shall be probationary for six (6) months.  After probation period another vote for full membership shall be conducted at a regular meeting and permanent membership shall be allowed by a vote of 75% of the club in attendance.  Votes shall be by secret ballot.  A Quorum shall be 25% of the voting membership. RM2009

-HONORARY: Association may have HONORARY members, if voted on by membership. Honorary members entitled to full benefits.

-NEW SUBSITITUTE or UNDERAGE DRIVER: must be sponsored by an active member subject to the rules of the Club.  Hardship or Special cases dealt with on a case by case basis by all driver/owner members in attendance.  Must Reapply yearly.

-SECRET BALLOT: all votes dealing with membership must be conducted by secret ballot.  Ranking officer shall appoint a member to count and report the result to the membership and secretary shall record same.

16. deleted 12-15-2008

17. Car numbers will be reserved by paying dues by first meeting of each year. If dues are not paid on time you will risk losing your number.

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18. No beer, wine, liquor or controlled substance will be consumed before or during Association activity.

19. Race cars must be presented clean and in a manner to represent the Association. Personnel will make a neat and clean appearance. Car drivers will be responsible for their personnel. RM2009

20. Any discipline will be decided by vote of the Members of the Association for off-track matters.  Any dicipline for on-track matters will be decided by driver and owner Members. A 75% vote of voters in attendance is required for any dicipline.  Said dicipline can be anything from a private warning to full suspension. RM2009

21. Starting line up and points system:

-Each driver draws for race prior to practice,  draw in order of arrival, phone in OK draw last by random member.  Race Director or designee conduct drawing and time of drawing.   If a car is unable to start after the draw, that line moves up.  If you miss a race, you start in the rear.  If more than one car misses a race, then their last place position is decided by previous starts and finishes.  All new racers must start in the very rear of the field behind all others. Pull up - in the event that the car starting in front of you doesnt pull up for the green flag start, in that event with the one to go displayed by the starter, the following car may pass that car before the green for the start of the race without penalty. 

-Points are awarded according to finishing positions in the race in your class.  First place in each class is total number of cars total in both classes, and reduced by one point for every position that follows.

Attempt to attend, no start and rainouts = 3 points per car.  Attempt to attend means that you actually loaded the car and left the house or garage with the intent to attend the race.

Start means to actually take the green flag, that means the car was on the track when the green flag was thrown.


21a- Any driver that advances his position before the green flag/starting line will be scored at the back of the field, unless he/she gives back the position before the end of the first lap. (see Pull up in rule 20) Drivers must line up in their assigned position or they will be scored at the end of the field.  If you wish to start in the rear, advise the race director before the lineup is sent to the announcer. (voted and passed 8-11-08)

22. Any new rules for cars or changes will be voted on by owners — ONLY. (one vote per owner)

23. Any other policy and procedure for Association voted on by membership.

24.   All members, new members and participants in Association activities have read and agree with said "ECFFRA Rules" prior to undertaking any association acitivity and agree that they have read, reviewed and fully condone and agree with the same.


Page 3

SAFETY RULES 2014 - 2017

1.All glass removed except windshield—(full windshield required) must be Lexan. Screen allowed on passenger side only.

2.All lights removed. Mounting holes covered.  No loose sheet metal in driver area.

3.Fuel cell required. Must be securely mounted in trunk area. No bungee cords allowed.
(Recommend steel encasement—not mandatory) Vent tube must have a check valve, vented to
outside of car. If fuel cell has built in check valve in cap, trunk floor area must be open for ventilation.

4.Fuel line must be mounted under car and/or through passenger area if in steel conduit. Fuel line should be steel or aluminum. Rubber connections allowed, but must be approved fuel line. Rubber gas line may be used if it is run inside of a steel conduit.

4a.If an electric fuel pump is used then an emergency shut off must be installed to shut pump off in case of an emergency. 

5.Fire extinguisher required. Must be securely mounted in driver’s reach. Must be fully charged
(2.5 lbs. or larger).

6.Seat belts—waist belt at least 3" wide. Shoulder belt at least 2" wide. Antisub belt mandatory.

7.All belts must be securely mounted to floor, frame, or roll bar. Floor mounted belts will have
metal flat stock under floor to prevent mounting bolts from pulling through floor.

8.Web window net required—no screen allowed.

9.Rear view mirror and left side mirror required.

10.Battery must be securely mounted with a metal strap across the top of the battery. If battery located in passenger compartment, must be in
sealed container (no bungee cords allowed). 2009

11.Doors must be secured during racing, as not to come open. May be bolted, welded or strapped
(bungee cord or leather strap okay.) Approved latch as selected by tech director may be added.

12.Hood and deck lid must be secured during racing as not to be able to come open (bungee cord
may be added for additional security).

13.Roll bars must be at least six (6) point mount. Eight (8) recommended. 1 ¾" roll bar tubing
recommended. Main Roll-over bars and drivers door-- .83 to 1.25 wall only. Driver door must
have three (3) bars. Passenger door must have two (2) bars. Must have bar behind backrest part
of seat. Recommend bar under dash. Must have four (4) bars overhead. Roll bars must be

14.Helmets are required—must be SNELL approved.

15.Fire suits, gloves, and shoes are mandatory. One or two piece allowed. Must be SF1-i.

16.Wheels—width 7" minimum, 10" maximum.  Steel only.

17.Tires—no minimum width, maximum width any tire that is marked no more that 11".  No tire soaking allowed.

18.Any car that cannot meet the regulations set out here can be disqualified and not allowed to participate in that day’s event if violation is intentional conduct (determined by VP and Tech officials), otherwise, that car shall have till the next race meet to correct the item. The Race Director will have the final ruling. The Vice President will serve as Race Director.

19.All drivers will obey said track officials. The track flagman will have full control of the cars during racing. He will have the final say concerning track regulations.

20.All cars are subject to be inspected by the Technical Director/Assistants prior to, during or after participating in any racing activity. The Technical Director will confirm his inspection by dating and signing the back of the membership card. All cars are subject to being checked, as he will any time during the racing season. Any car found to be intentionally illegal by the Technical Director during the racing season will forfeit points as follows:

Major infraction=all points

Minor infraction=points for that race.

21.No radios allowed.

22.Battery kill switch required to be located within driver’s reach and accessible to safety personnel to left door window opening and clearly marked.

23.Steering wheel center cover pad mandatory and quick release steering wheel recommended.

24. Any member or person who participates in an event shall not have  claims, or take any action, for damages, injury, death or expenses of any kind against the Association, Member, participant or the promoter by reason of disqualification, suspension, injury, death or damage of any kind to either car, driver, crew member or any other person attending with member and all persons above named adopt and agree with the above in return for being allowed to participate in said activities and forever waive and quitclaim the same.

Page  5

BODY RULES 2014 - 2017 

1. American made body from 1932-1948. Ford frame, body and motor.

2. Must retain stock body, no chopped-tops permitted. Body may be chaneled no more than four (4) inches over frame rails. Bottom of body may be trimmed up to four (4) inches to remove rust or damage.

3. Must have fenders. Fenders may be modified for tire clearance. Can be Flared, seamed or rolled edges.

3A. If car is in an accident an a fender is removed, it must be replaced within six (6) weeks.

4. Fiberglass replacement parts permitted. (Fenders, hood, doors, deck lid and running boards as long as they meet original specs. No chopped tops.  No fiberglass bodies, no scoops for fresh air to carb, and no wings.  RM2009

5. Bumpers required both front and rear. Bumpers must be securely mounted and strong enough to be pushed or pulled on when moving car.

6. Front and rear firewalls required. Any type, steel or aluminum( .125 min alum).  RM2009

7. All upholstery removed.

8. Front windshield driver’s side must be Lexan or equal. Passenger side can be Lexan or wire mesh mandatory.

9. Car height: Using a straight edge running from right side quarter window to left side near door post, measure from bottom of straight edge to concrete or pavement. Left side can be no less than 42 inches.

Page 6


1. Must be original frame from 1932- 1948. Frames may be reinforced for strength.  Wheel base must be 112 inches. May be shortened or lengthened no more than  2" either way.

2. No front or rear aftermarket clips permitted.

3. Tube chassis not permitted.

4. Must retain original type buggy springs. Rear springs and cross member May be modified for quick-change installation. Front cross member and Spring may be modified also. (No split / 2 piece springs).

5. Coil overs not permitted

6. Any type automotive shocks allowed.

7. Must have hydraulic brakes on all four (4) wheels; disc brakes allowed.

8. Open drive shaft must have safety loop around drive shaft, front only. Drive shaft must be painted white.

9. Transmission—any automotive 3 speed type. No Beck or other racing transmission. (run anything until you win) RM2009

10. Steering—any automotive type allowed.

11. Rear end—any automotive type allowed including quick change.  Rear rule final gear 4:41 to 4:58. (too high gear OK if not violate the overall gear rule) RM2009 BGS gear 5:41 to 5:58 RM 2014

12. Radiators—any type allowed—must have over-flow catch can. No antifreeze allowed.

13. Lug nuts—one (1) inch wheel lug nuts required. If wheel adaptor is used they must also be one inch.

14. Safety hubs—right front safety hubs recommended—not required.

15. Wheel to wheel track width not to exceed 84 inches.

16. Minimum weight limit—car weight with driver—2800 pounds.

17. No split springs. Buggy type springs only. Rear spring may be modified for quick change. Front cross member may be modified also. (See #4)

Page 7

 MOTOR RULES   2014 -  2017

1. Flathead Ford V-8 ONLY - 1936---1953. NO FRENCH BLOCKS

2. 286 Maximum cubic inch displacement.  2009

3. Nitrous oxide not permitted.

4. Cam shaft — any type permitted. No roller cams. RM2009

5. Heads — any type permitted.

6. Intake -- bone stock  8BA  2 barrel 3 bolt type cast iron. 5 inch tall at carb max. 

                     No grinding, stock means stock. ***

7. Carburetor — bone stock 3 bolt holley/ford "94" single 2 barrel carburetor with 15/16 verturi and 1.125 base opening. ("A" type fuel nozzles with .437 bottom skirt) change jets, powervalve, remove choke only- 1/4 hole for throttle linkage if needed. No grinding, stock means stock.***

Air Cleaner required.  Paper or KandN. Must fit directly on top of carb, no sculptured throat, etc. 

8. Ignition -- any type permitted

9. Headers -- any type permitted

10. Super chargers not permitted!

11. Motor may NOT be dropped more than four (4) inches and cannot be moved back more than four (4) inches from original position.

12. Fuel pump — any type permitted. If electric pump is used, safety shut-off must be installed.

13. Flywheel -- any type permitted steel or aluminum. Clutch pack no smaller than 7 inches.  No flex plates.

14. Fuel — pump gasoline/racing gasoline only — no alcohol permitted.

15. Radiator — any type permitted.

15a. Water pump — stock type only.

16. Oil pump original type only; no dry sumps. Remote oil filter may be used as long as it is connected to original oil pump.

17. No engine can be more than 286 cubic inches.  No Protest.  Inspection at any time in the discretion of the ECFFRA officials.

18. No titanium or ceramic parts anywhere on car. (reworked valves grandfatherd in)


*** 3-9-2015 regular meeting  

Page 8


1 - Driver must be 50 years of age or older. If currently driving professionally in any division, must run modified regardless of age.


Modified division — Must be 40 years of age;   and/or currently driving in a professional division 50 years of age or older.

President and Vice President to inspect technical director and technical assistant’s cars.



IN ------------------------------------------------- 2014



To make sure your car complies with the rules, I would recommend that in building or preparing a car to race with the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association, that you frequently check with their technical directors to make sure your car meets the rules, standards, and spirit of the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association. (ECFFRA)

Any rule or area that is not specific or clear, call technical director for clarification.

v. 12-5-2007 rules meeting

v. 8-11-08 meeting

v. 12-5-09 Rules Meeting = RM2009
V. 2-10-2014 RULES MEETING = RM2014

v. 3-9-2015 meeting *** 


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