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The old fords of the ECFFRA were at the Hickory Motor Speedway on Saturday, March 21, 2015 for their first outing of the season.  The club was a support series for the KOMA Modified Series, and has agreed to race at several venues with the KOMA Modified Series this season.  Many thanks to ECFFRA President Bill Smith for arranging the races this season, as it is always a challenge to set races at exciting and historic venues such as Hickory.

The Old Fords usually draw for starting positions, but time allowed for a round of Qualifying.  Sportsman Driver Wayne Lawson sat on the pole with a lap of 18.12 seconds, followed by Modified Johnnie Johnson and Sportsman James Rogers.  2014 Modified Champion Barrow rounded out the front two rows with a lap of 18.99.  He later grumbled of no practice and cold tires.  This would become apparent on lap 2 of the race.

The old iron took the green flag with #99 Johnson taking the lead, followed by Pole sitter #45 Lawson.  #55 Barrow settled into 3rd and #6 Rogers 4th.  The fans didn't have to wait long for the excitement to begin.  As the front 4 cars, running nose to tail on the 2nd lap, #55 Barrow lost the rear end off turn 4 and spun down the front stretch, looping the 1940 coupe before stopping at the entrance to turn 1 without hitting anything!  Barrow later said "there musta' been something on the track".  2nd place running #45 Lawson retired his car  with a leaking power steering hose.

Barrow recovered to finish 2nd after passing the field in the remaining laps. 

Modified #99 Johnnie Johnson won going away with a half lap on the field and Sportsman #6 James Rogers had his first Sportsman win of the season holding off #4 Kenneth Tuttle at the end.

1- #99 Johnnie Johnson - Modified

2- #55 John Barrow - Modified

3- #6  James Rogers - Sportsman 

4- #4  Kenneth Tuttle - Sportsman

5- #8  Bill Smith - Sportsman

6- #18 Richard Wilke - Sportsman

7- #45 Wayne Lawson - Sportsman 






The people at ECFFRA are looking forward to forging some new ground and new racing friends in 2013.  We are in the process of setting the 2013 schedule so stay tuned for more races and more news!!

We want to recognize our 2012 Champions, 

-Modified Champion - John Barrow  and
-Sportsman Champion - James Rogers.

Our Annual Banquet will be held in January, stay tuned for the date!

2013 will be a great year for the Club!


The old guys brought seven cars to Ace Speedway for Rock 92.3 Night.  It was a nice evening as the old farts got one practice to sort out their cars.  A drivers meeting and draw put Barrow on the pole for the second time in as many races at ACE.  (who does this guy know)

The race started after 10 pm with a field of 7 cars anchored by Rookie First timer Bill Smith in his 1941 Ford Coupe.  The cars got off to a good start and Barrow paced the field staying out front.  The laps wound as  #16 Cotner tried hard to catch and pass the #55 of Barrow.  It was a good race until Cotner, trying too hard spun the #16 going into Trun one.

James Rogers, a sportsman car running in 3rd overall just clipped the spinning #16 of Cotner to flat his Left Rear tire ending his night.  The #4 of Kenneth Tuttle spun as he tried to miss the spinning Cotner and the slowing #6 of Rogers.

The Racing resumed with Barrow on the Point (where he had been all night) and Jerry Tuttle in second and Cotner in 3rd with Kenneth Tuttle in 4th (first for Sportsman)

The final 7 laps wound down as Barrow in that strong #55 Coupe slowly pulled away from the field, appearing to get stronger with every lap!  Barrow took the Modified win and Kenneth Tuttle took the Sportsman win.

Look for us at Caraway Speedway on June 23rd.  See ya there!!!!!!!


The old farts showed up at the always interesting Franklin County Speedway to hob nob with Whitey.  As usual, the old cars were the feature attraction and we were shown the the respect that we have garnered over the years of racing Virginia, with a pit road pit on the front streatch. 

Drivers drew for starting positions with Billie Cotner on the pole, freash of a win at ACE.
The Green flag fell and the #16 sprinted away to what was a straightaway lead.  The #55 of John Barrow took a few laps to clear the sportsman cars of Kenneth Tuttle and James Rogers, and set sail for the #16 car.

Cotner ran fast and smooth laps but by the end Barrow had caught him but ran out of laps as the race was shortened to 15 laps by Whitney.  Cotner took his second win in as many races and as many starts,  Wow, this is the real deal.

James Rogers and Kenneth Tuttle swapped leads for the sportsman trophy with Rogers able to edge out Tuttle at the line for the win.


Six cars showed up to race the smooth and wide OCS only to have Mother Nature rain the whole show out.


The old guys rolled into the always nice ACE Speedway for the first race of the season.  Practice went well with no wrecks and all cars running afterwards.
The guys drew for starting positions and #55 John Barrow drew the pole.
The race started off well enough, as Barrow paced the field in his always fast 40 Ford Deluxe Coupe.  On lap 3 the always charging Rik Newsome in the #53 40 Ford Coach prepared by Eb Clifton (yea he's still alive!!!)  caught the leader as he was trying to ease around the 41 coupe of Rosey George.

Rik tried to put his Coach in a spot that it didnt fit and  one hell of a wreck ensued.  The Rosey George C oupe was disabled for the night, the #53 of Rik was wounded with a bent front axle, and the #55 of Barrow  was banged on both sides, losing a right front wheel and hub and axle in the melee.

About a 15 minute cleanup followed and racing resumed with the old pro Johnnie Johnson leading in the #4 of kenneth Tuttle.  JJ as always was hammer down and lead the final 17 laps to take the Sportsman win.  Billie Cotner survived to win the Modified race in his first start with the ECFFRA.   Way to go Billie.



The ECFFRA Race Promoters and the people at Caraway Speedway have agreed to a race schedule that included two races for the Flathead Fords at Caraway Speedway!

It has been at least five years since the old fords have graced the high banks of the Randolph County track, but a determined ECFFRA staff and a willing promoter has allowed a two race schedule at the track to take place in 2012.  For those that have forgotten, some classic duals have taken place at Caraway Speedway and had the fans on their feet cheering the old guys on to the checkers!

We look forward to bringing our Flathead show the fine folks at Caraway Speedway in 2012.  Dont miss a race.  Scheduled for June 23 and July 28!

See ya


The fine folks at the wide and fast Orange County Speedway have agreed to host the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association  two times in the 2012 season.

Dates are set for Saturday May 5 for the old fords to run with the ProCup cars.  It will be a great night of racing with all the up anc coming stars and your old favorites with the ECFFRA.  And Saturday September 22 with a great late model show.  Don't miss it!


The great folks at Ace Speedway have agreed with the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association to Race at their track on THREE date in 2012!  Thats great as the "old guys" just love the track and the people at Ace!   Its a super facility and I know all the guys and fans look forward to puting on a real good flathead ford race.

Just announced are races on April 13, June 8 and August 10.  Its friday night and we will see ya there!


The 2012 Schedule is coming into focus as the ECFFRA Flatheads set 2 races at the Franklin County Speedway.  The Franklin County Speedway is the home to the TV show "Buck Wild" soon to be shown on WXII in our area!

The Speedway will host the East Coast Flatheads on Saturday May 12, 2012 and again in August  in Saturday August 4th, 2012.  More races are available per track Promoter Whitey Taylor.

Whitey, long a supporter of the ECFFRA was excited to have our cars at his track, and was more excited about the future possibilities of the "Buck Wild" TV show.  We look forward to the great racing at the Franklin County Speedway.


No more LSR racing in NC !!!

The boys at the ECFFRA that love the speed and excitement of the LSR track at Maxton North Carolina will have to travel far next year to get their LSR fix!
The officials at the ECTA (east coast timing assn) were given their pink slip at the track that transformed lasn speed racing on the east coast for the last 15 years.

The East Coast Timing Association  has done a great job of organizing and putting on land speed race meets in the sandhills of North Carolina for the last 15 years.  The problem can in the form of a large government contractor in death and destruction aka terrorism business that had too much ego to allow the ECTA to use the last mile or the 2 mile runway for 15 days a year!  An encounter ensued between this ego and our own ego aka Turk and the fireworks flew . . . . .  and ultimately the ECTA flew too!

So here we are, several years into this LSR thing, hopelessly hooked to the cars, the speed and all the super nice people that make up this group.  And faced with a 7 hour drive to get a "fix"!  Well, hell, I reckon that Wilmington Ohio isnt that far and people from Ohio really arent Yankees ................ ar they?

Anyway, I along with several of my Buds have decided that for this move to be  a success, our presence is necessary!  So there you go.  Count me in for the inaugural event at Wilmington.   

After all, its only about 500 miles????  See ya there.


As the winter winds blow, we racers at the ECFFRA are in our garages working on our racing machines.  It may be cold outside, but the smell of high octane race fuel and burnt rubber is only a few weeks away.
The ECFFRA is different from most Vintage Race Clubs, you see, all of our cars are Race Cars!  And when the green flag drops, you get to see a real race,  not a choreographed parade of old cars with a pre selected winner!
We here at the ECFFRA pride ourselves in that inovative spark that is the essence of a true racer.  That endless tinkering and testing and adjusting to wringing that last bit of speed and handling out of a 70 year old engine and chassis.  You can't just go the the auto parts store and buy the speed parts you need, most you make!  You see a real racer is part engineer, part fabricator,  part designer and part daredevil!  Grass roots racing is just that.
Not everyone understands what an automobile race really is.  It is nothing less than a flat out, wide open test of the driver and the machine for the assigned number of laps.  Anything less is not really a race, and any lesser machine is really not a race car.  It is only a car with numbers on the door and the driver is only a driver in a costume, not a firesuit!
Our club has real racers that wear firesuits and race real race cars.....and there can only be one winner in each class,  But be sure a winner in the East Coast Flathead Racing Assn is a REAL WINNER!
Only a true racecar with a true racer behind the wheel will give you a true winner.  When the Checkerd flag falls there are no losers, only those that steel themselves and their machines for another chance next week.  You see, the real racer knows that with every green flag, comes the opportunity to to be first at the checkers.  You see, that is what real racers live for, to work and tweek and get them next time.  No give up, no excuses.
There will always be winers and cryers that offer excuses and reasons for their shortcomings, but only a true race will reveal the true racer.
It takes many hours of work in that cold garage all winter to prepare a car for a race, for a test.  And to strive for the best out of yourself as a driver and your machine is the true test.  Nothing less will suffice.
We here at the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Assn.  eagerly look forward to racing in 2011...................and we hope you enjoy it!
PS- a great racer once said of race cars, "the more you rub on it, the faster it will go"
email us to arrange a Race at your track!

The guys and girls showed up a Orange County Speedway for the season finale race.  The Championships were not at risk as Johnnie Johnson in his 1937 Ford sedan  had locks on the Modified title and Kenneth Tuttle in his Black #4 1937 ford humpback had the Sportsman title tied up.
The race ended with the two in victory lane to collect the trophies for the modified and sportsman wins.
See ya next season.

Locals Boys rule at Franklin County Speedway!  It was a hot night at the fabled 1/2 mile when the ECFFRA flatheads took the track.  In the field was two native boys who had gone too long without a win.
When the day was done, Rocky Mounts Jimmy Brock piloted his black '40 ford to the finish line first to take the overall win and the Modified win.  Closely followed by an almost dead heat between Kenneth Tuttle and local racer and hero, James Rogers.  Little did Kenneth know that the stars shined that night on the Virginia Boys!
James Rogers inched out the North Carolinan Tuttle by a bumper.  A later review of the photo finish awarded the Sportsman trophy to James Rogers.
A good time was had by all.
See ya at Maxton...........................

     The ECFFRA will be in action on Monday, May 31, 2010 at the historic and lovely Franklin County Speedway.  Always a good time and close fast racing is the hallmark of this track.
     The pit gates will open at 8:00 as this is a day race and there will be practice beginning at 10:30.  A "Pit Party" will commence at 3:15 on the front stretch and racing will follow.  Don't miss this action filled and fun day at this old track!
     A near capacity crowd showed up for the ISCARS twin 75 lap race at the fast and smooth Dillon SC track.  Randy Claypoole brought the compact racers and included the ECFFRA for a 25 lap event.
     The race started without incident and Kenneth Tuttle and James Rogers fought for the lead for several laps.  JR finally yielded to the good handling 1937 ford sedan of Tuttle and Tuttle lead for the next 15 laps.  All the while, the #99 of Johnny Johnson, who started shotgun on the field, was working his way to the front. 
     Johnson, who pilots the famous #99 backseat racer, caught the leader and worked Tuttle over for several laps before finally pinning him low behind a lapped car.  Johnson took the lead with 10 laps to go and never seemed in danger from any of the field.
Johnson won the Modified and Tuttle won the Sportsman race.
See the old iron at Franklin County Speedway on Memorial Day!!!

ISCARS DASH Touring, Sanctioned by ASA

Race Day Schedule – Hickory Motor Speedway

Saturday, November 14, 2009


9:00 a.m.           Registration opens/ISCARS Haulers Enter


9:30 a.m.           Inspections Begin/Flatheads Enter


10:00 a.m.         Mandatory Driver’s Meeting at

                            ISCARS Trailer


10:30 a.m.         Drawing to determine order of



11:15 to 12:00 p.m.        Practice for ISCARS DASH



12:00 to 12:15 p.m.        Practice for Flatheads


12:15 to 12:45 p.m.        Practice for ISCARS DASH



1:30 p.m.                   Time Trials (2 Laps.)

                                Flatheads followed by ISCARS                                      DASH Touring Fastest 16 cars will

                                earn starting positions 1 thru 16


1:30 to 2:00          Stunt Car rides.


2:15 p.m.                   Cars online/autograph session


2:40 p.m.                   ISCARS DASH Touring Race One 75 Laps

                                (Stunt at start of race)


3:40 p.m.                   James Smith/Sam Young Stunt


3:50 p.m.                   East Coast Flathead Ford Racing

                                    Assn Feature 20 laps


4:20 p.m. (approx)        ISCARS DASH Touring Race Two 75 Laps


Championship Celebration following Event.

Crowning of the 2009 ISCARS DASH Touring, ASA Champion


5:45 p.m.                   James Smith Car Jump

The officials at ECFFRA have been contacted  by Randy Claypoole of ISCARS and confirmed the November 14 race date at historic Hickory Speedway.  This will be a daytime event and the times will be announced later. 
We look forward to racing with the ISCARS folks and racing at Hickory Motor Speedway as this is our final event.
Stay tuned for race time. 

The old iron visited the Dillon Motor Speedway for the second time this year and it was a charm for Modified Driver Ronda McKnight.  Ronda started on the outside pole and save a mid race pass by Sportsman #55 John Barrow, never looked back.  This was Ronda's first win with the East Coast Flatheads and the First ever win in the clubs history by a female driver!! Congrats to Ronda, Great Run.
Modified leader Johnnie Johnson pulled off before the green with rear end problems.  A good start showed the 6A of McKnight in the lead with the #6 in hot persuit and the #4 working the low line.
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A few laps later the #4 of Kenneth Tuttle made the pass on the #6 for the sportsman lead, behind the #6A of McKnight.  Coming hard from the rear was the #55 dispatching the #6 in one turn and the #4 in the next.   The #55 was overheard saying that this track is just a big BGS and drives the same.
By lap 10, the #55 had a good bead on the leader McKnight and made the pass going into turn one.  The race was slowed 2 times by cautions for spinning cars and once for the overheating car of Kenneth Tuttle.  No harm no foul as Barrow and McKnight finished in the winners circle.  Present was Thomas Needham in the #1 or Roger Jolley and missing with the flu was the #19 Orange car of Jerry Tuttle.
The Finishing Order:
1- John Barrow - #55 Sportsman Winner
2- Ronda McKnight - #6A Modified Winner
3- James Rogers - #6
4- Jim Brock - #00
5- Clayton Smith - #31
6- Thomas Needham - #1
7- Kenneth Tuttle - #4
8- Johnnie Johnson - #99
The Modified Championship is a done deal, however, the points in the Sportsman have tightened up with leader Kenneth Tuttle's 7th place finish at Dillon.  If we have another race, that Championship could be decided by a couple of positions!  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

The officials at Hickory Motor Speedway have moved the 9-26 race to 11-14 because of the rainout for this weekends Bobby Issacs Memorial race.  This is a big event for the track and they moved the ISCARS so they could get their race in.  Randy Claypoole of ISCARS contacted the ECFFRA and  advised us of the change by the HMS staff.
We look forward to racing in 2010 with the ISCARS folks and racing at Hickory Motor Speedway.
Stay tuned to this site as things are changing daily!!!!!!!!!!

Randy Claypoole of ISCARS has confirmed with the ECFFRA Officials that the ECFFRA cars are welcome and will race at fabled Hickory Motor Speedway on Saturday September 26, 2009. 
The race was originally set with the now defunct ASA Modified Tour and ISCARS picked up the date for their racers.  More information on ISCARS can be found at their site at  http://www.iscarsonline.com/

The ECFFRA added a race at the mountain facility Franklin County Speedway.  Wpon arrival, all were welcomed by Whitey and shown front row pit stalls.  This helped with the flat tire issue common to the tracks back pits.
Practice proceeded without incident, with the exception of #15 Wayne Tuttle who overheated after just a few laps.  Wayne lamented that he he couldn't find the source of the overheating, but was working on it.
The  25 lap event started with the #19 of Jerry Tuttle on the pole and the #6 of local favorite James "JR" Rogers on the outside pole.  The green fell and the flatheads roared to life into the first turn.  Three and four wide racing was par for th course in the first six laps.
The #4 of Kenneth Tuttle assumed the lead on lap 5 in  a two wide dual with the 6 car of Rogers.  A few laps later the #55 moved past the #4 car to the lead.  A caution followed involving #1 of Roger Jolley, #6A of Ronda McKnight and #99 of Johnnie Johnson.  Racing resumed with the #55 of John Barrow leading the #4 of Kenneth Tuttle and #6 James Rogers and the #6A of Ronda Mcknight retiring with a steering problem.
As the laps wore on, the #55 streched out a lead  for this 3rd win of the season with the #99 coming on at the flag to take the Modified Trophy.
Finishing Order:
#55 John Barrow - Sportsman Winner
#99 Johnnie Johnson - Modified Winner
#4 Kenneth Tuttle
#6 James Rogers
#31 Clayton Smith
#00 Jim Brock
#19 Jerry Tuttle
#1 Roger Jolley
#6A Ronda McKnight
#15 Wayne Tuttle
We don't know where we will be next, so check back on a revised season ending schedule.

The ASA SMRT Tour canceled the balance of its schedule today.  Tour Officials blamed tough economic conditions  and Obama for the collapse of the schedule this year (just kidding about Obama).  They were hopeful that 2010 would be a better year with an improved economy.
On another note, the Officials at the ECFFRA main office have been busy trying to fill out the balance of the 2009 schedule with races.  Club Officials have contacted our favorite tracks to arrange for races and are hopeful to announce that soon.  The Hickory Race with the RC/Moonpie guys is a real possibility as is a race or two with Whitey at Franklin County Motor Speedway.  Tri County, Ace and Dillon are also possibilities.
This reporter will keep all updated as soon as the news breaks!

SMRT - ASA tour Director Randy Myers has canceled the Motor Mile Event after concerns of bad weather and  bad economic conditions.  No rescheduled date was announced.

The RC Moonpie Tour Officials said today
that the rain date of August 22 is canceled
due to conflicts with the Bristol Race.
Officials said the race will be rescheduled.

Thanks to Eric Hylton Photography - Click to Link!!!!!!

It was a night that didn't look like it was gonna happen.  The skies above the fabled Bowman Gray Stadium  crackled, popped and showed every sign of a thunderstorm, but that passed to the east.  Instead the thunder happened on the track with 13 old flatheads taking the green flag in their annual visit to the flat quarter mile.
The orange #19 "Punkin' " of Jerry Tuttle was on the pole with the #55 of John Barrow on the outside.  Last weeks winners #6 James Rogers and #99 Johnnie Johnson were at the back of the field for the start.  The #55 moved to the lead on the first lap and set sail, opening up a straightaway lead before the first caution involving the #15 of Wayne Tuttle.  The #15, absent from competition this year,  spit out all its coolant and the cars of Jim Brock #00 and last weeks winner, James Rogers #6, got caught up in the fluid on the track and wrecked off of turn two.
A lap later the #83 of Eb Clifton spun out trying to pass the #1 of Roger Jolley entering Turn Three causing him to back hard into the turn three wall.  He was hit by #9 of Thomas Needham who had nowhere to go as Clifton blocked the track with his wreck.  Another lenghty caution followed as the track crew cleaned up the tangled cars closely watched by the Camera Crew that is producing a reality show on the History Channel.
A couple of laps later the #6A of Rhonda McKnight retired with a heating motor further reducing the field and ending another strong run by modified #6 McKnight.  Most agree that the #6 will likely be the next new winner in the club.
Racing resumed around lap 5 with Barrow in the lead with #99 Johnson closely persuing followed by #4 Kenneth Tuttle.  Barrow and Johnson pulled away from the pack racing hard for the lead.  Johnson, who has won every Modified race this season, was patiently working in the outside line to pass Barrow when the starter showed the white flag on lap 9 because of  a 20 minute time limit!  A maddening last lap between Barrow and Johnson resulted with an all out dash to the checkers with Sportsman Barrow edging Modified Johnson by 1/2 a car length.  Sportsman #4 Kenneth Tuttle finished 3rd holding off  Modified #53 Rik Newsom who fininshing 4th. An always steady rolling Clayton Smith in the #31 rounded out the top five.
Johnson lamented in Victory Lane that he was gonna check everything on the Sportsman car of Barrow as he "stopped to pick up a hitch hiker and still beat him".  It was Johnson's 48th win at the Stadium and was Barrow's 1st at the quarter mile that he has had over 90 starts at. 
Finishing Order:
1- #55 John Barrow - Sportsman Winner
2- #99 Johnnie Johnson - Modified Winner
3- #4 Kenneth Tuttle
4- #53 Rik Newsom
5- #31 Clayton Smith
6- #6A Rhonda McKnight
7- #1 Roger Jolley
8- #19  Jerry Tuttle
9- #83 Eb Clifton
10- #9 Thomas Needham
11- #00 Jim Brock
12- #6  James Rogers
13- #15 Wayne Tuttle
See the Old Cars in action:
August 21 at the Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA
August 22 at  the Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, NC


The old guys and gals (sorry Rhonda)  showed up at the Dillon Motor Speedway for a 20 Lap contest of skill.   The tight and fast 4/10 mile track didn't lend itself to two wide racing.
The #00 of Jim Brock started on the pole and led a lap and stayed up front for several before getting passed later in the race.  A 4 wide tangle in turn 2 spiced up things with #99 #6 and #4 taking the point.
They finished that way.
Hot, sandy and fire ants were the words of the day.
1- #99 Johnnie Johnson Mod Winner
2- #6  James Rogers Sportsman Winner
3- # 4  Kenneth Tuttle
4- #6A Rhonda McKnight
5- #00 Jim Brock
6- #31 Clayton Smith
7- #55  John Barrow
8- #19  Jerry Tuttle
Come and see us next at Bowman Gray Stadium on Friday, July 31

ECFFRA LSR Team - Michael, KT, Jerry, JB, Frankie and JJ smiling with the New Record!!

John Barrow and the #55 1940 ford deluxe coupe had a dream.  It was to race on the salt at Bonneville in a flathead race car.  And to set a record.  But the salt is 3 days away and the logistics make it impractical to do for a man with a job!  So in his quest, Barrow discovered that Land Speed Racing was right here in North Carolina!  at Maxton, NC.
A recon visit to the LSR course at Maxton, NC in October of 2008 revealed one hell of a group of extraordinary people racing every kind of car conceivable at speeds in excess of 200 MPH on a 2 mile course set up on an old WWII Army Air Base in the pine forest of southeast North Carolina.  The course is 2 miles long total, that gives you 1 mile to get up to speed and one mile to get it stopped.  With the concrete and associated traction, the speeds are similiar to those attained at the dry lakes in the west.  See those guys have to race on dirt, aka salt, and common sense tells ya that traction would be a problem in a mile. 
Anyway, the East Coast Timing Association aka ECTA conducts meets five times a year at the facility and has done this since 1995.  Cars from all over the eastern United States shows up to set records and have a good time going fast and talking about going fast.  The organization is run by a Yankee (nice enough guy) and an annoying fellow from Alabama (race director) Just kidding, he turned out to be a kindred spirit of our own Rosie, a little crusty on the outside, but one hell of a nice guy!  The bonus is the fact that these guys wives run the registration are really nice and knowledgeble and most of your interaction is with them.  Anyway, its fun and the people are GREAT!  Get the idea?? Sounds like my kinda fun.
The East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association guys showed up with 3 cars in March.  Long story short, the full bodied #55 coupe seemed more aerodynamic as it went over 117 mph during the weekend.  (with a cheater 2 barrel)  But the record for a flathead ford stock car was set in 1996 at 121.726 mph.  The guys left the March meet with a goal, to take the record, and to bring the best car and concentrate their efforts.
The guys returned in June to do just that.  Barrow has slicked up the old 40 coupe with a slick air dam, side skirts and 4 barrel carb with scoops.  Intent on setting the record.  Day one, brought more speed but more frustration as the temperature and humidity rose on flat hot run way.  It seems that drag racers and land speed racers talk about "air quality" alot.  And when running flat out, it means alot! 
Saturday, the air was poor, according to the ECTA guys, and the coupes speed reflected it running 119+ mph in five tries.  It appeared that more "rubbin" would be required to set the record as the car was coming up a little short.
Sunday morning brought "better air" and cooler temperatures, both necessary for a record run.  The guys were on the line at 8:00 am ready to take advantage of the "good air" along with 50 other "good air" people and machines!
At 8:35 the old 40 Coupe was given the course (an LSR saying that means the course is yours to run on, hopefully real fast) and John dropped the clutch and the Victory Racing  flathead roared of the line jumping, spinning and shaking.  You see these circle track cars really arent built for land speed racing, more comfortable turning left and running considerably slower than the 121 mph land speed record.   Off through the gears you could hear the old flathead beller down the mile long course this cooler Sunday morning.
Time?? 123.827 mph.  A new Land Speed Record! for the team from the ECFFRA.   
Car: 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe
Engine: Flathead Ford V-8 286 cubic inches
Class:  XF/VCT
Speed: 123.857 mph
Team:  John Barrow - Driver/owner
             Frankie Leisson - Victory Racing Engines
             Johnnie Johnson
             Kenneth Tuttle
             Jerry Tuttle
             Micheal Tuttle? 
Three days of hot and hard work (is it really work at the race track?) paid off with a new world record that beat the old record by almost 2 mph that was set in 1996.  It is a world speed record as the ECTA is the only LSR group that has a VCT Vintage Circle Track class.  Very fitting for a North Carolina track.
Johnnie Johnson took his 1936 Modified Coupe and set a personal best speed of 169.568 on his 69th birthday!  Happy Birthday JJ.
Whats next?  Well in talking to the Barrow Racing LSR team, more records is the goal, and a trip to the Mecca of LSR racing, The Bonneville Salt Flats!  See ya at Maxton in September!

4 Car Finishes 3rd to Secure Sportsman Points Lead
The old cars returned to familiar ground at the famed half mile Franklin County Speedway at rural Callaway, Virginia for a race meet.  On the pole was last races biggest looser, John Barrow along with #19 Jerry Tuttle.  On the last row was last races winner Johnnie Johnson in the Johnson & Tuttle Racing #99 1937 back seat sedan.  The car is reminicent of the old Wood Brothers car with Glenn setting in the back seat!
The green fell on 20 laps of racing and #55 Barrow sprinted off to what became a 1/2 lap lead on the field.  Barrow, surely checking his mirror for the #99, never saw him as the race wore on.  Johnson and the rest of the field were working their way to the front but appeared to be running out of time as the #55, on a mission to finish a race, was bearing down on lapping 5th place when the caution flew for debris in the second turn on lap 13.
The cars lined up for the restart with #55 Barrow in the lead and #99 Johnson in second followed by #4 Tuttle #6 Rogers and the balance of the field.  A slow restart gave Barrow a little breathing room into the first turn as #99 Johnson began to bear down, wanting the lead.  The following laps were fast and intense as Johnson and Barrow ran flat out all the way around the banked oval.
Johnson, Modified Champion in Nascar and ECFFRA, was bring his coach high through the corners, trying to get up the coupe of Barrow and every lap seemed to inch up on his target to take away the high line.  Raceing grew more intense as the laps wound down, but eased up with 2 to go when Johnson in the #99 slipped in turn 3 and lost several car lengths and had to settle for 2nd.  A pit road interview revealed that the #99 hit some fluid in the turn with 2 to go.
Barrow cruised to his 1st win of the season and second career overall 1st as Sportsman winner.  Johnson came home in second, Winning the Modified race.  Kenneth Tuttle came home in 3rd with  #6A Rhonda McKnight finishing 4th on the lead lap in a strong showing for the 6A.   James "JR" Rogers had a strong showing finishing 5th on the lead lap in front of a home crowd. 
Finishing Order:
1- John Barrow - Sportsman Winner
2- Johnnie Johnson - Modified Winier
3- Kenneth Tuttle - S
4- Rhonda McKnight - M
5- James Rogers - S
6- Clayton Smith - S
7- Jim Brock - M
8- Jerry Tuttle - M
Check the web site for our next race!!


     The old guys showed up at the nicest track in the area, ACE SPEEDWAY for 20 laps of racing, and the fans werent disappointed.  Race started with #00 Jim Brock and #55 John Barrow on the Pole.  #55 and 2008 Sportsman Champion #6 James "JR" Rogers  sprinted away from the field. 
#99 Johnnie Johnson and #4 Kenneth Tuttle cleared the traffic a couple of laps later and set sail for the front.  #99 Johnson caught and passed Rogers several laps later and had his eye on Barrow in the lead in his gray coupe.  Lap traffic soon came into play and the leaders, #55 and #99 were soon nose to tail with Johnson driving hard trying to pass the leader, #55 Barrow,
Hard racing lasted until lap 16 when #99 Johnson made contact with the left rear of Barrows' coupe and sent him spinning into the turn 4 wall.  After a lenghty caution to clean up the mess from the hard hit Barrow took, racing resumed with #99 Johnson in the overall lead and Modified lead and #6 James Rogers in the Sportsman lead.
Three laps later they finished in that order.  Johnson was quick to accept responsibility for the lap 16 crash in VICTORY LANE and lamented that he wouldnt intentionally crash another driver, especially his Buddy, #55. James Rogers was gracious in VICTORY LANE with his son and grand daughter handling the Trophy.
1- #99 Johnnie Johnson  Modfied Winner
2- #6 James Rogers  Sportsman Winner
3- #4 Kenneth Tuttle
4- #31 Clayton Smith
5- #19 Jerry Tuttle
6- #00 Jim Brock
7- #1 Roger Jolley  (first race!  Good Run)
8- #55 John Barrow  (again)
Roger Jolley had a career best finish of 7th (his first  race ever) and Jerry Tuttle finished 2nd in the Modified Division.
Come see the old guys race at Franklin County Speedway on June 6, 2009 at 4pm.

The ECFFRA cars ready to takle the Maxton Mile!!!

Race Rescheduled for September 26, 2009.  Despite best efforts of all, the foul weather won out at Hickory Motor Speedway and the race had to be called.  A strong field of cars drove in the rain to compete, and had to pack it in just before lunch. 
The culprit a stalled low pressure cell over Tennessee and the NC Mountains that was suppose to clear by lunch, decided to han around all day Sunday.
Our next race will be this Friday at Ace Speedway, don't miss it!

Three teams ventured to the old Maxton Airforce Base AKA Laurinburg/Maxton Airport to experiance Land Speed Racing on the old 2 mile runway of concrete. And answer the question of "Just how fast will one of those flatheads go???"  Well for now, we have an answer.  The First Annual Victory Racing Flathead Speed Trials was on, complete with Victory Racings Frankie Leisson in attendance to lend a hand.
Kenneth Tuttle, Johnny Johnson and John Barrow went to the Maxton Mile last weekend to see for themselves how fast they could push the old iron.  Prior to the weekend a "gentlemens agreement" was entered into to hold down the "cheatin' " and the cost of the weekend.  Heres the deal, run the cars the first day as raced with ECFFRA and by their rules (except any gear allowed) and the second day, all out gentlemans agreement fastest no holds barred for top speed.
The old cars fit into the XF/VCT class, thats XF for flathead ford and VCT for vintage circle track cars.  The record for that class is 121.951 mph set in 1996.  The ECFFRA boys felt condident they could top that.
Day one saw delays and only one run for the trophy with Kenneth Tuttle running 94,Johnny Johnson running 95 mph and John Barrow topping 100.7 mph.  The day ended with dogs on the grill and some muttering of "cheater" and we will see tomarrow!  Generators were cranked and work continued well into the night in preparation for the flat out day two runs for top speed per ECTA rules.
Day two was wide open with the cars at the line for runs by 9:30 am with their best "cheater carbs and intakes"  cow catchers aero and 200 mph tape galore to seal up those air leaks that cost the old cars speed.  First run saw #99 Johnny Johnson in famaliar territory at the top of the speed chart at 104 mph with the other cars not breaking 90 with full cheat on!!!!!!!
Relaxed, JJ returned to the pits ready to go home the speed leader, but a retune of the Victory Racing Cheater 2 barrel on the #55 car netted a mile run at 114 mph, besting JJ and instantly putting the #99 team into overdrive to make another run!  The aero smooth additions to the #4 car of Kenneth Tuttle netted a 102 mph run putting all three cars in at over 100 mph!!!!!!!  THis old iron never saw those speeds in the old days beating around NC and Virginia.
The cars, with gear changes and further tuning to carbs  and aero beat a path to the start line to beat the Sunday 2:00 cutoff  to try for the record and the moniker of fastest East Coast Flathead ford.  Final runs in a 20 mph tail wind was fast with both KT and JJ backing up earlier times in excess of 100 mph, but the day would belong to the gray #55 coupe with a final run  in excess of 117 mph.
What we learned?  Our cars are heavy, and not very aerodynamic, and tires are too wide and bodies too rough. . . . . .  just what makes a fine sotck car!  We learned that a cut hood will slow you down along with a 1/2 windshield and closer the the ground is better.  And a roll of 200 mph tape will make a flathead run hot!!! Very Hot!!!  And finally, that it is one hell of a boot in the pants to go down the Maxton Mile flat out wide ass open in a top speed run.  This reporter likes it, he likes it very much and thinks that the record of 121.8 will fall in the near future to a car that belongs to the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association!
And yea, just how fast did a ECFFRA ford go at Maxton?  John Barrow #55 Coupe final run was 117.8 mph!! 

JJ accepts Victory Racing Trophy for fastest Modified Flathead

JB accepts the Victory Racing Speed Trophy for the Sportsman

The Boys at the Maxton Mile

View of the LONG Maxton mile return road

Racin' News Thats Worth Reporting

The ECFFRA Guys and Gals prep the old iron for action!!!

The old guys (and gals) showed up at the wide and fast Orange County Speedway ready to shake off the winter cob webs (and try out their latest iron!) and it was a great show.  The weather was Great!! and so was the racing.
Last seasons non winners drew for the front four spots placing #6A Ronda McKnight on the pole with #72 Mike Pike on the outside.  Tension was high as the old farts pounded the gas at the drop of the green flag.  #55 John Barrow dropped down on the apron and passed the field from a fifth starting position and was leading going into the 1st turn, but all was not well as smoke (and 4 quarts of oil) billowed from the #55 coupe.  A Yellow and extensive cleanup followed.
The field lined up again for a double file restart with #6A on the pole with #99, Johnnie Johnson on the outside pole.  A smooth start showed the #99 in the lead with #31 Clayton Smith in persuit with the rest of the field bunched up in one knot of cars fighting for 3rd place.
The #55 rejoined the tail end of the field for the restart and quickly ran up to the bumper of #6 James Rogers #4 Kenneth Tuttle and #6A Ronda McKnight.  These four cars diced for position for nearly the whole race before the #4 of Kenneth Tuttle cleared the gang to secure 3rd place.  James Rogers in the #6 car dodged the puking car of John Barrow to finish 4th followed by Ronda McKnight in a strong 5th.
The field was rounded out with the car of Mike Pike and Jim Brock.
#55 John Barrow retired (again) on lap 15 with a heating engine.
Winners were Johnnie Johnson in the #99 Modified and Clayton Smith #31 Sportsman.   This was Clayton Smith  1st win with the ECFFRA he did it going away with a strong car the dogged last years Modified Champion every lap!
See ya on May 9th at Franklin County Speedway in Callaway VA. for another exciting ASA modified race and ECFFRA race.
Finishing Order:
1- 99 Johnnie Johnson - Modified Winner
2- 31 Clayton Smith - Sportsman Winner
3- 4 Kenneth Tuttle
4- 6 James Rogers
5- 6A Ronda McKnight
6- 72 Mike Pike
7- 00 Jim Brock
8- 55 John Barrow


The Marketing Department at the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association has released the all new 2009 Racing Schedule!  It includes Races at all the regular ECFFRA Tracks:
Franklin County Speedway
Tri-County Speedway
Hickory Speedway
ACE Speedway
and stops this year at:
Dillion Speedway in Dillon SC
and Motor Mile in Virginia.
Also slated is a visit to the Maxton Mile LSR  (thats land speed racing) to see just how fast this old iron is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't miss it. . . . flat out for a MILE!!!  After all, its racin'
They may race at Lonesome Pine in Virginia.  A number of the races will be held with the ASA Modifieds as the Main Event.  And the peeps in Marketing have not ruled out a race on dirt this year.  Look Forward to a exciting year of Flathead Racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ECFFRA Banquet was held last night at the Golden Corral in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The affair was well attended as usual for the season  ending meeting.
The Hororees was the same old same old as #99 Pilot Johnnie Johnson was honored as the 2008 Modified Champion and James "JR" Rodgers was crowned as the 2008 Sportsman Champion.
I reckon the morale of the story is "when you're good you're good!" as the balance of the field spent most of the 2008 season looking at the back end of the 6 and 99 cars.
Exciting plans for the 2009 season drifted through the room as talk of the "Daytona Trip"  and first race of the season permeated the air.  With the 2008 season just barely put to rest the "Old Farts" were busy working on nest season as all in attendance agreed that 2008 was a banner year for the Oldest and Still the Best Flathead Ford Racing Organization in the southeast!

     A rumor has been circulated that several ECFFRA officials were seen at the Land Speed Course at Maxton, NC talking with the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) people about having the flatheads at the spring meet.
     For those of you strangers to the world of Land Speed Racing, I refer you to the ECTA web site   http://ecta-lsr.com  (click here) for a taste of land speed racing.
More later. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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