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North South Winners

The boys from the ECFFRA showed up in force for the second time this season at the OCS on Satuday afternoon!  Ten cars made the trip to northern Orange County to run on that wide and smooth track.
The Pole was covered by #6A Rhonda Smith and #19 Jerry Tuttle.  A smooth start allowed # 6A to jump out to a comfortable lead and lwad for 7 laps followed closely by the ever fast #31 of Clayton Smith.  Smith was patient but took the lead and ran away from the field during the middle of the race.  #19 Jerry Tuttle made his ninth start of the season and ran like a man possessed, duking it out with #9 Thomas Needham for the 7th spot.
Johnnie Johnson and JR Rogers were slowly working their was through the field and at one point, it looked like the race was Smiths to win.  Eventually old age and experiance won out as the #99 edged ahead a the wire to claim the win.
Meanwhile, #6 of James Rogers nipped the #31 for second and the Sportsman win with Smith finishing a season high 3rd, 2nd Sportsman.
As the laps wound down,  A race to the finish found #99 Johnnie Johnson winning the Modified and # James Rogers winning the Sportsman.
Finishing Order as follows:
1- Modified Winner - Johnnie Johnson #99
2-Sportsman Winner - James Rogers #6
3-Clayton Smith #31
4-Rhonda Smith #6A
5-Mike Pike #72
6-Thomas Needham #9
7-Chris Malcom #4
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DIRT IS FUN. . . . And not nearly as dirty !
     Wow, what fun to take the old Cars and old Drivers to do it in the dirt at the Newly Clay Resurfaced Friendship Motor Speedway.  The great folks at the New Friendship welcomed the old Fords to their Saturday Nite show and a great time was had by all.
     The pits were buzzing prior the taking the "dirt" as advice and grooved asphalt tires were freely traded in the pits.  Post race reflection revealed that the tires were generally better than the advice!
     A dirt practice was a new experiance for most ECFFRA drivers and it was calm as most drivers later admitted that they didnt even get out of 2nd gear.  This was a real problem as we were informed that we would qualify next.  What the heck,  old age and treachery always trumps youth and exuberance as the old cars, one by one, gave it all they could muster on the slick dirt.  As always, #99 sat on the Modified Pole and #55 was second on the Sportsman Pole and a fast #00 Jim Brock was third. (more later as it would be a great night for the #00)
     Again, after qualifying, the tires and advice was making its rounds in the pits, only now an air of urgency permeated the air, as the old guys prepared for the race.
     The race started with #99 jumping to the lead followed closely by the #00 of Jim Brock.  The cars sorted themselve out without caution and ran the whole race caution free.  Rookie Jim Brock grabbed 2nd place and held on for his best finish of the season.  Jim is a rookie and has been running better every race.  Look for him in Victory Lane in the near future!
Finishing Order for Friendship Motor Speedway:
1-#99 Johnnie Johnson   -  Modified Winner
2-#00 Jim Brock -M
3-#55 John Barrow  - Sportsman Winner
4-#4 Chris Malcom -M
5-#31 Clayton Smith -S
6-#6 James Rogers -S
7-#9 Thomas Needham -S
See ya at Orange County Speedway! Edit

Eleven cars showed up for a sunny race day at the always sharp Ace Speedway.  The Racing officicals welcomed the old cars and treated up to a day of good racing and fellowship.
Jerry Tuttle led the cars from the pole for the 5th time this season.  Jerry Held the lead for only a lap and was overtaken by the field on lap 2.  The racing was hard in the pack as the point leaders, #99 Johnnie Johnson and #6 James "JR" Rogers moved to the front of the pack, followed closely by the fast #4 Kenneth Tuttle entry piloted by the smooth Chris Malcom and the ever fast John Barrow in the '40 coupe.
As the laps wound down, the 99, 4 , 55 and 6 found themselves at the front of the pack. 
The winners were #99 Johnnie Johnson - Modified and #55 John Barrow - Sportsman
Dont forget to the see "Old Farts" doing it in the DIRT at FRIENDSHIP MOTOR SPEEDWAY !! Edit

Racin' News Thats Worth Reporting Edit

The #99 Ford of Johnnie Johnson paced the field for a victory at TCMS with #6 James Rogers finishing 1st in the Sportsman class for the 3rd time this year.  It seems that the #6 car really likes the high banks and fast speeds generated at the super fast Tri-County Motor Speedway.  Real racers love speed and  JJ and JR love TCMS.  #55 John Barrow held the top Sportsman spot for about 10 laps before the #6 of James Rogers slipped by on the low side the the spot.
    Clayton Smith in the #31 finished 4th showing that a little upside down action wouldnt slow down this old racer, well heck, they are all old racers!  In old race cars.  Thats kinda the point.
     The #9 of Thomas Needham finished 5th with #19 Jerry tuttle in hot persuit.  Last visits winner, #4 Chris Malcom finished last as a result of contact in the early laps.
     Rhonda Smith in the 6A didnt start as a result of  blown engine during practice.
Finishing Order:
1-Johnnie Johnson #99 Modified Winner
2-James Rogers #6 Sportsman Winner
3-John Barrow #55
4-Clayton Smith #31
5-Thomas Needham #9
6-Jerry Tuttle #19
7-Chris Malcom #4
8-Rhonda Smith #6A
Come out and see the Fast Fords at ACE motor Speedway on Labor Day!!

Click Below for schedule at ACE on Labor Day

Well a record 14 cars showed up to compete at the fabled 1/4 mile venue before a large Friday Nite crowd and the crown wasn't disappointed!
This race showed all regulars with  the attendence of the #83 and #53, first this season.  The lap 1 wreck was started by the #4 hitting the #55 and knocking him sideways in turn 4.  The incident was compounded by the #83 that was 3 wide on the inside and drilled the spinning #55 in the infield and #53 that was passing 3 wide, ultimately causing a pile of bent up antique race cars and reducing the size of the field.  The # 55 and 53 proceeded with damage, the #4 proceeded without damage and the #83 retired for the evening.
The race proceeded with #99 taking the lead and the #6 close behind with #53 and #4.
Lap 12 saw the #99 hit a water buffalo in the south turn, dumping the contents of his motor on the track that necesitated a lenghty cleanup.
The restart showed the #6 followed by the #53 and #4 at the front of the pack.  # 55, that was creamed by the #83  in the first lap melee, restarted shotgun on the field, and moved to the tail of the lead 3 cars to finish a disappointing 4th.
Cars #31 and #00 had a good showing and the race was exciting.
Finishing Order:
1-James Rogers          Sportsman Winner
2-Rik Newsom            Modified Winner
3-Chris Malcom
4-John Barrow
5-Clayton Smith
6-Jim Brock
7-Mike Pike
8-Wayne Tuttle
9-Ben Brown
10-Johnnie Johnson
11-Jerry Tuttle
12-Allen McKnight
13-Rosie George DNS*
*Rosie had mechanical problems in his car and could not start.
Come See The Old Guys Race at Tri County Speedway on August 22, 2008.

The Cars of the ECFFRA attended the second coming at TCS in full force.  After the initial start #6 and #4 sprinted to the lead with the #4 leading most of the race.
The rest to the cars followed.
#31 Clayton Smith was pensive on the start after his "uplifting" run at this venue earlier in the year, but can a solid 3rd in the sportsman, showing not only his driving ability, but his prowness at car reconstruction!
Caution Free ended in a photo finish  with the #4 edging the #6 of Lone Star JR from Ridgeway, Va.
Finishing order:
1-#4 Chris Malcom      Modified Winner
2-#6 James Rogers      Sportsman Winner
3-#55 John Barrow
4-#99 Johnnie Johnson
5-#31 Clayton Smith
6-#9 Thomas Needham
7-#19 Jerry Tuttle
8-#6A Rhonda McKnight
9-#00 Jim Brock
See Ya at the Legendary Bowman Gray Stadium Edit

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Rambling Rose"

by Skip Wall
He cant seem to get racing out of his mind. All 79 years of it.
Meet Ernest “Rosie” George from Kernersville NC.

He still likes to climb behind the wheel of an old coupe race car in the East Coast Flat Head Association Series.

He still has a good time running whether he runs good or not. “Its just the fact that im still able to do it” he says with a sheepish grin.

Moreover he will tell you he still thinks he can win even at his age.
But Rosie George comes from the old school of racing.
For years and years he was an official at the famed Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston Salem NC during the Joe and Alvin Hawkins era.
George was a feared man around the stadium as he didn'’t play games with the drivers.

Known as “Ramblin Rose”, he could also be known as “Grumblin Rose” for his no nonsense tactics. “They wont say it, but I was always fair over there (at the stadium)” he says.

George may be still officiating at the stadium if it wernt for his son, Joe, a flagman at the stadium, getting hit by an irate Bobby Loftin one year.

“That was as close as I ever wanted to hurt someone. And at that point it became no fun over there.”

However Joe George serves as his dads crew chief on the number 18 Georges Garage Special.

Its hard to imagine that George, a hard nosed racing official would retire and drive school buses for the Winston Salem/Forsyth County School system.
He was well respected by his elementary kids on his routes. Now was it because of his no nonsense tactics or him being a “Ramblin Rose”? He also had his garage, just down the road from the school, called Georges Garage.

He still piddles around the garage after getting out of school buses a few years ago. In fact, Rosie has been known to have “tested” his coupe down the road a few times in and around the Maple Leaf Golf Course area. Again George just gives a sheepish grin.

All in all its great to see Rosie compete in a series that wants and needs people like Rosie George.

The East Coast Flat Head association is a throwback to the old coupe and coach modified days.

The series features older drivers from the stadium like Johnny Johnson and John Barrow who is an attorney at law. It even has Mike Norman running the series. He is the pace car driver at Bowman Gray.

And its neat to see people like Rosie “rumbling and grumbling” up and down the hills and streets in a race car, “just a testing” he says.

Yes sir, those were the years and olden days…


Thanks to Jim Mills of Twice 3 Photography
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The guys and gals of the ECFFRA showed up with 10 cars for the second visit to their favorite Virginia venue,  Franklin County Speedway.   The #55 got to start from the pole via a bad run at Ace Speedway two weeks earlier.  The 6A started on the outside pole.
Barrow brought the cars down to a nice start on the green and led the first lap.  The faster cars out back couldnt wait to get to the front as Barrow was putting daylight between his 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe and the rest of the field.  Chris Malcom in the #4 caught and eventually passed the #55 only to have trouble and fall out after one lap at the point.
The racing was furious all through the pack as the 6A of Rhonda McKnight was duking it out with the #72 of Michael Pike. 
The leader was slowed by racing cars back in the pack and was caught by the #99 of Johnnie Johnson and #6 of James Rogers.  A very close race was had till the fall of the checkers on the #55 John Barrow in a Sportsman car followed by Modified winner #99 Johnnie Johnson.
Its has been years since a sportsman car won the overall race, done once before by old Sportsman Champ Kenneth Tuttle in his venerable old #16 Coach.
#31 and #00 had good runs as did the #19 Punkin.
Finishing order was:
1-#55 John Barrow
2-#99 Johnnie Johnson
3-#6  James Rogers
4-#21 Clayton Smith
5-#00  Jim Brock
6-#72 Michael Pike
7-6A Rhonda McKnight
8-#19 Jerry Tuttle
9-#4  Chris Malcom
10-#9 Thomas Needham DNS
Don't Miss our next race at Tri-County Speedway on June 27th!!!!!!!!

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The largest, oldest and Best Flathead Racing Organization returned to Ace Speedway to run in the SMRT Tour Event to show the folks at Altamahaw what a Flathead Ford race is really like, and boy did they show them!  The SMRT Modified Guys know that a ECFFRA Race is really a RACE!!@#$%^
A full field of East Coast cars lined up for the start of the 20 lap feature for the first time the East Coast cars have been at Ace since the Club took the high road.  The selfless dedication to true vintage racing showed as the field took the green to start the race.
Four wide into turn one was a bad idea as #19 Jerry Tuttle slowed high next to the turn two wall.  #55 John Barrow followed and slowed to avoid a collision and spun to the inside collection the #31 Allen Mc Knight and #53 Mike Norman.
Once the mess was cleaned up and the cars hauled away, the race restarted smoothly with everyones nerves somewhat calmed by the lap one debacle.
Ridgeway Virginias' James Rogers in the #6 Ford took the lead and moved away from the field as the balance of the field sorted itself out.
#99 Johnnie Johnson next emerged from the knot of cars to persue Rogers.  Rogers seemed to have things well in hand leading about 12 laps.  With 7 laps to go #99 Johnson made a power move low to take the lead dodging the slower cars on the way.  Johnson seemed to have things will in hand with a tenuious car length lead.
#4 Chris Malcom from Pinnacle had shaken off the pack and was running down the two leaders.  Johnson claimed a blown headgasket in the closing laps that slowed the #99 and allowed the #6 if Rogers to close in to challenge for the lead, but #4 Chris Malcom had a different idea as he closed on Rogers for second.
The finish was very exciting with less than a car length seperating the top 3 cars.  It was a great race, viewed from the pits as this reporter sat crashed observing the action.  Which brings up the old racing adage "You cant win the race on the first lap".  But us REAL racers know that is just bull (or is it??????????)  
Mike Pike in the #72 posted his best finish of 6th with #6A Rhonda McKnight finishing 7th in her first start with the East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Assn.  Thomas Needhad recorded a solid 4th place with the Punkin' Jerry Tuttle finishing 5th.
The finishing Order for Ace Speedway:
1-Johnnie Johnson  #99  Modified Winner
2-James Rogers #6  Sportsman Winner
3-Chris Malcom #4M
4-Thomas Needham #9S
5-Jerry Tuttle #19M
6-Micheal Pike #72M
7-Rhonda McKnight #6AM
8-Rosie George #18S
9-John Barrow #55S
10-Allen McKnight #31S
11-Mike Norman #53M
M=Modified and S=Sportsman
See You'all in two weeks a the fast and furious Franklin County Speedway!!! Edit

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The boys from the ECFFRA showed up in force at the OCS on Satuday night and a race broke out!  Eleven cars made the pull to northern Orange County to experiance that nice track.
The Pole was covered by #9 Thomas Needham and #19 Jerry Tuttle.  A smooth start allowed # 55 John Barrow to jump out to a comfortable lead.  Making his first start of the 2008 season was perinneal favorite, Rosie George in the newly painted #18.  #15 Wayne Tuttle made his first start of the season and ran like a man possessed, duking it out with #18 Rosie for the 7th spot.
Eventually old age and experiance won out as Rosie edged ahead a the wire to claim 7th place finish.
Meanwhile, #55 lead and #99 Johnnie Johnson persued at torrid pace that lapped most of the field.  Two cars racing side by side slowed Barrow's pace for #99 to jump to the outside for the pass.  Barrow fell in behind and gave chase making it exciting.
As the laps wound down, a blown engine by the #9 car left a oily spot in tuns 1 and 2 that #99 and #55 ran through, barely avoiding wall.  A race to the finish found #99 Johnnie Johnson winning the Modified and #55 John Barrow winning the Sportsman.
Finishing Order as follows:
1- Modified Winner - Johnnie Johnson #99
2-Sportsman Winner - John Barrow #55
3-James Rogers #6
4-Jerry Tuttle #19
5-Donovan Freeman #7
6-Mike Pike #72
7-Rosie George #18
8-Wayne Tuttle #15
9-Thomas Needham #9
10-Clayton Smith #31
11-Chris Malcom #4
See Ya Next Friday at ACE Speedway Edit

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Thats what the fans were saying as the Boys of the ECFFRA raced hard and fast at the speedy 3/8 mile track.
Clayton Smith, fresh from the "uplifting" ride at the Tri-County Speedway was on the pole for the second race of the season.  Jerry Tuttle was slated for the outside pole but had to take it to the pits before the start leaving 4th place starter John  Barrow on the outside pole.
The starter waved the green and Barrow took the lead and paced the field at a fast pace.  Chris Malcom followed at an equal pace taking a look inside off turn 2 an about every lap, only to bogg the flathead down and drop back in line.
Barrows pace was fast and smooth for 15 laps appearing to have the lead and win well within reach until a later discovered cut tire causes a slow leak in the RF tire, causing the earlier fast #55 for push and wallow through the corners.  Barrow finished 4th.
Fast from the start running no worse than second, Chris Malcom took the lead on lap16 and never looked back.  Steady and fast, James Rogers moved into second place and set sail for the overall lead, but never had the speed of Malcoms' #4 Ford.
With laps winding down to lap 25 (news to the racers) always fast #99 with David Atkins moved by the ailing #55 to third place.  Thomas Needham in the #9 finished fifth with pole setter Clayton Smith in the borrowed #6A finished seventh.  Jim Brock in the #00 brought his Ronoake Va. based 1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan in  a season high eighth place with newcomer Michael Pike finishing ninth in his #72 1941 Ford Coupe.
The crowd roared at the finish as the old flatheads put on quite a show of close racing in old stock cars.
Finishing order:
1-Chris Malcom #4 Modified Winner
2-James Rogers #6 Sportsman Winner
3-David Atkins #99 S
4-John Barrow #55 S
5-Thomas Needham #9
6-Claytom Smith #6A
7-Jim Brock #00
8-Michael Pike #72
9-Jerry Tuttle #19
10-Alfred Johnson #11
Don't forget, We Race those Fabulous Flatheads at Orange County Speedway on Saturday Night May 17th and Ace Speedway Friday Night May 23rd.
Be There!!!!!!!! Edit

The old cars showed up a that fast 1/2 mile in Hudson NC for 20 laps of racing.  The 10 car field was paced to the green by #9 Thomas Needham and #19 Jerry Tuttle.
On the start the #9 of Needham pulled to a lead with the #19 in hot persuit.  The field followed this parade for several laps with the #19 of Tuttle fading to 5th.
On lap 3 the #31 of Clayton Smith hooked a rut in turn 2 and went for a very scary tumble into the turn 2 wall.  As the field came around for lap 4 all you could see was the bottom of the car, no number visible.
By the next cautionl lap you could see old Cayton standing in the overturned wreck, standing up through the passenger door window!
The red flag followed while the excellent track crew at TCMS cleaned up the car and debris to ready the old guys for another try at racing.
The ensuing restart showed the #9 of Thomas Needham  on the point followed by #99 Johnnie Johnson, #55 John Barrow and #6 James Rogers.  Once the cars got back up to full song, the trio of Johnson, Barrow and Rogers passed the #9 and set a blistering pace for the race win.  On lap 8 the #6 of Rogers moved high and got around the #55 of Barrow for the 2nd spot and the Sportsman lead.
The cars finished in that order 1-4 with 10 more laps of high speed competition.  The ample crowd at TCMS  was well entertained by the show put on by the old guys in the even older cars.  All original 1940 era flathead ford racecars!
Johnnie Johnson won the Modified Race and James Rogers won the Sportsman race.  The finishing order was:
1-Johnnie Johnson - Modified #99
2-James Rogers - Sportsman #6
3-John Barrow - Sportsman #55
4-Thomas Needham - Sportsman #9
5-Jerry Tuttle - Modified #19
6-Allen McKnight - Sportsman #6A
7-Eb Clifton - Modified #53
8-Jim Brock - Modified #00
9-Clayton Smith - Sportsman #31
10-Chris Malcom - Modified #4
Next Race at lovely Franklin County Speedway in Callaway Virginia on May 17.  Be there so see the Bestest and Fastest Flathead Ford Racing on the East Coast!!!

The only sound coming from the track is that of dump trucks and motor graders!!!!
It has been reported that the track has been leased to a dirt racing promoter for the 2008 season.  As this article is being written it has been reported to this reporter that the trucks are dumping dirt on that lovely asphalt 3/8 mile track.
After only 3 years of operation as a paved race track, it appears that the track is going back to its roots. . . dirt.  May be the folks in that neck of the woods prefer dirt to pavement racing.  You know the old timers always used to say that "pavement is for getting there and dirt is for racin' "
You know, dirt racing and old flatheads were a mainstay of the stock car racing across the Carolinas and Virginia for decades, growing from the old moonshiners  transporting their goods (and how good!!) to the marketplace in the big cities.  Mabe the flathead guys should consider taking a dirt race or two, just for old times sake.
You know that making liquor on the farms in the south was considered a normal part of rural farm life, just as normal as raising crops or livestock.  Our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington,  made liquor on their estates free from the taxation of the King.  This continued until the US Government decided that they could tax this sweet comodity, then came regulation and well, those old farmers were reluctant to give up "Winter" crop.  And the rest is Southern History or is it Southern Heritage!
Hasta la vista Friendship. Edit

It started with a flurry of activity and high hopes of the local racing comminity, many investing in that hope.
And the asphalt dream ends in 2007, without even a sound.
It has been recently reported that Friendship Speedway will not operate as an asphalt race track in 2008.
More later. Edit

"The Original Flathead Ford Racing Organization in VA and NC" Edit

All Rights Reserved 2009 East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Assn., Inc. Edit

ECFFRA Boys Return to the Big 1/2 Mile at Concord
The East Coast boys got up early to get to Concord Motorsports Park for the 9:30 practice.  Ten cars showed up to put on a great show for the largest crowd ever at the 5th annual North South Shootout. 
     The old fords lined up to race in early afternoon, second on the race roster.  The green flag fell with #19 Jerry Tuttle and #9 Thomas Needham racing off to turn one.  Needham edged ahead down the backstreach leading the laps one and 2.  Close on the heels of #9 was the gray 1940 Deluxe Coupe of John Barrow, who took the lead on lap 3.  On lap 5 the #53 of Rik Newsome slammed into the #28 while trying to improve his position.  The wreck sidelined both the #28 and the #53.  All other cars missed the wreck and continued after a few laps of caution.
     The restart had #55 in the lead with #7 of Chris Malcom hot on his bumper.  The two raced hard for 10 laps, with Barrow maintaining the point.  All the while the #99 of Johnny Johnson was moving up through the pack.  The #99 moved around the #7 of Malcom and 2 laps later moved under the #55 down the dogleg to the point.
     The #99 , #55 and #7 ran a fast pace dicing for the lead for the remaining laps ducking in and out of the lapped traffic as the laps wound down.  The race result still up in the air as Barrow moved to the outside and passed #99 Johnson going into turn one on the last lap.  Johnson regrouped and moved under Barrow on the last turn of the last lap to edge ahead for the win.
Race was 25 laps
#99 Johnnie Johnson - Modified winner
#55 John Barrow       - Sportsman winner
#6 James Rogers       
#31 Clayton Smith
#7 Chris Malcom
#9 Thomas Needham
#19 Jerry Tuttle
#Wayne Tuttle
#David Atkins
#Rik Newsom
This our last race of the season. . . . .See Ya in Daytona in February!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ECFFRA showed up at Frankin County with a full field of cars ready to put on a show.  I think that anyone present would agree that the racing is great at FCS!
The Inverted field took the green with Jerry Tuttle in the now famous "Punkin" leading the way.  Lap one was led by newcomer Chris Malcom in the newly painted #7 Modified from the Clegg stable of cars.
#99 Johnnie Johnson and #6 James Rogers made a clean getaway from the race traffic and pulled away from the field in a 3 car race at the front that included newcomer Chris Malcom, Johnson and Rogers.
Racing deeper in the pack was wild as #9 Thomas Needam led the second group in the second Clegg entry for most of the race.  Slicing and dicing behind Needham was #28 Kenneth Tuttle, last weeks winner, #31 Clayton Smith, #6A  and #55 John  Barrow.
Racing was close throughout the pack as the strength of the original Ford Flathead with a 2 barrel Holley went through the race pace.
Winners were #99 Johnnie Johnson in the Modified and #6 James Rogers.  Chris Malcom has a fine showing finishing 3rd.
The ECFFRA welcomed several new members to our laid back friendly "club" racing event and enjoyed the fans, racecars, "mater" sandwiches and fellowship.
After all, its all  about the  friends and the fun.
Come see the ECFFRA at the high banks of Concord Motorsports Park at the North South Shootout November 3.

JJ holds "court" at Bowman Gray Stadium

Second Visit to Friendship Better for KT
The second visit to Friendship Motor Speedway was better for ECFFRA Pres Kenneth Tuttle as he out paces 2007 Sportsman Champ James Rogers for his first win of the Season.
Johnnie Johnson took the Modified win along with the 2007 Modified Championship.  Chris Malcom finished 2nd in the Mod  with the "Punkin" piloted by Walkertowns' Jerry Tuttle taking 3rd in the mod standings.
See ya next weekend at Franklin County Speedway for 20 laps of  historic racing you will not see anywhere else. . . . . . from the first and original East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association!

The ECFFRA boys (and girls too!) showed up at the newly managed Franklin County Speedway for 20 laps of flattie fun!
The boys unloaded and got in one practice under the 90-+ degree sun.  These old farts really wanna race!  Who else would be out in the sun on such a hot day.  Anyway, the crews got the cars dialed in for the fast banked 1/2 mile track.
A inverted start had #6 James Rogers on the pole after a bad crash in  the last race at Tri County Speedway.  Jerry Tuttle in the #19 Punkin' was on the outside with John Barrow in the #55 and #99 Johnnie Johnson winners at Tri County last race making up row two.
James Rogers #6 brought the boys to the green rather slowly, mabe remembering last race.  Jerry Tuttle paced James on the outside thru turn one.  #55 tucked right under the #6 with #99 right behind as the fellows finished lap one.
Tight racing throught  the field was exciting for the crowd as #7 Chris Malcom  and #19 duked it out for several laps.  #45 Donovan Freeman slipped into 4th comfortably after several laps and the #28 was close in persuit.
The racing up front was wild for the first 10 laps with James Rogers running the Casey Kahne high line and John Barrow trying to get around on the bottom with #99 just onserving for several laps.  The #99 and #55 exchanged the low line several times trying to get to the lead and the crowd was loving it.
Lap 10 spelled the end for the #55's bid for 2 consecutive wins as he retired the 1940 Deluxe Coupe with a power failure later discovered to be faulty wiring to the fuel pump.
Back up front, #6 and #99 were still fighting over the same piece of race track as the high line seemed to be the medicine for the evening.  With the laps winding down, Johnnie Johnson burried the 1937 Flat Back deep into the 2nd corner and emerged in the lead and thats how they finished.
Unofficial Finishing order:
#99 Modified Winner
#6 Sportsman Winner
It was a great evening and a great race.  #45 Donovan Freeman advised the crowd that David Prilliman, Godfather to the ECFFRA, had sold the #45 to a fellow up north.  He advised that he would be back next season in another car.  The ECFFRA really enjoys the conpetition and fellowship with a Champion like Donovan Freeman and his father and look forward to seeing him next season.
And enough cannnot be said for the contribution made by David Prilliman and son Curtis.
See ya next race at Friendship Speedway in lovely Elkin, NC on September 14.

TCS Track Crew rights Todd Saintsing's #83

CrashFest at Tri-County Speedway
The dog days of summer must have caught up with the flathead boys Friday night.  The temperatures soared and the flatheads roared!  The old fellows mounted their 60 + year old rides for two practice sessions and a race.
The inverted field put the twitchy #83 beside the #19 Punkin of Jerry Tuttle for the start.  It didnt take long for the fireworks to start as the #83, piloted by Todd Saintsing, spun off of turn 2 collecting 3 cars.
The restart has #55 John Barrow at the point as he drove past the spinning Saintsing to take the lead.
The restart was delayed as the track crew cleaned up the mess caused by the first #83 spin.
The green fell on the flatties, and #53 raced to the lead, with #99 close in tow.  Two laps later the #83 spun again coming off turn 4, this time collecting #28  further reducing the field.  And yea, the #83 rolled this time as the pilot tried to right the spinning coupe down the front streach.
The ensueing red flag lasted more than a few minutes as the track crew again cleaned up the now crashed #83.  The driver was OK, save a little embarrased with two spins taking out 4 cars.
The race restarted and ran the final 11 laps with #99 Johnnie Johnson leading the modified and #55 John Barrow leading the Sportsman to the checkered flag.
Finishing order:
Don't miss our next race at Franklin County Speedway on August 25, 2007 Saturday Night.


Wow, what a big change in the track at legendary Franklin County Speedway.  The new promoter has cleaned up the place!  All the officials were nice and helpful and no one "LOST" anything while we were racing.
The night was hot and so was the racing. 
Finishing order was as follows:
53 Mod Winner
6 Sportsman Winner
It was a good race enjoyed by all, and the cleaned up facilities really make this one of my favorite tracks.
See ya at Tri-County Speedway in Hudson, NC on August 10, 2007!

Here are the pics of the tumble that Kenneth Tuttle took at FMS on Friday, May 11, 2007.  A little tire to tire contact and the #28 car goes for the wildest ride of recent history.
Thanks to Juan Pino, track photographer for catching all of the action from the front streach.  As you can see the car goes over several times in a matter of seconds.
Who sez that this is "Old Man Racing"?
Racing is Racing, and all the ECFFRA fans know it.
KT is all right, just nursing a sore shoulder.  That is one safe car.


MAY 19
Orange County Speedway
The Boys of the ECFFRA showed up at OCS Saturday night to put on a show for the locals.  Notably missing in action was the leader of the group, KT.  The racers soldiered on wishing well to thier injured comrad.
Rosie George started on the pole and brought the old cars to the green with Donovan Freeman on the outside pole.  Beginning laps were orderly, espically in light of the "tumble" KT took last week at Friendship Speedway.
Donovan Freeman jumped into the lead and lead the boys around for several laps.  Donovan, an old dirt ace, was very complimentary of the #45 car and said it ran the best it has in recent years.  Donovan finished the race in 4th position.
James Rogers assumed the lead next, taking the #45 on the high side.  Side by side racing is great at OCS and this nights race was no exception as the #6 of Rogers and the #45 of  Donovan raced for  the lead.
Rogers cleared  the #45 and was followed by the #53 of Rik Newsom, who eventually took the lead for good around lap 9.  Rik finished 1st.
In his first start of the season, #55 John Barrow, was stalking the leaders and testing his 1940 Deluxe Coupe for roadworthyness, as a late arrival didnt allow for any really Hot laps.
Once the #55 got up to speed, He picked off the #45 and set sail for the #6 Sportsman leader James Rogers.  As the race wound down, the #55 of Barrow closed ever so close to the #6 or Rogers with the cars racing side by side, OCS style, for 7 or 8 laps.
On the white flag lap,  Barrow burried the #55 deep into the first turn and drew almost even with Rogers down the backstreach.  Barrow buried the car again in turn 3 and the two cars raced side by side to the checkers in the closest Sportsman race in years.  It was #55 by what was later described as inches.
Top 5
1-#53 Rik Newsom
2-#55 John Barrow
3-#6 James Rogers
4-#45 Donovan Freeman
5-#19 Rosie George
Come Join us at Friendship Speedway on June 15

May 11
Friendship Speedway
Kenneth Tuttle went for a wild ride Friday night in the #28.  Reports are sketchy, but from what this reporter has learned, the heart and soul of the ECFFRA took a tumble down the front streach of the track ending up on his top!
First reports are the KT is OK.
More Later!

April 21, 2007
The Boys in the old cars showed up at the Legendary Orange County Speedway in force for the second race of the season.  The fast and bumpy 3/8 mile makes for a very fast venue for the old flaties!
The reverse lineup for the Flatheads makes for some exciting starts and this night was no exception as the cars blasted off into the first turn 3 wide.  Newcomer Todd Saintsing, was the pilot of the familiar red 53 with the regular driver MIA.
The first fast track would yield a exciting race with the gear rule evidently having little effect on the quality of the race.
Lap 4 brought a caution for the spin of  the 53.  The rookie did what is hard to do, that is spin out a flathead. 
The race resumed with #99 Johnnie Johnson out front paced by #6 James Rogers, with #28 kenneth "KT" Tuttle in Third.  Jerry "Punkin" Tuttle retired the now famous, # 19 Punkin,  compalining of  a miss in the MSD box and was heard in the pits growling about getting his money back!
Laps Later, the caution flew again as old timer and substitute driver Rosie George Hit the wall on the front streach.  Luckly, Rosie was not injured and complained of a mechanical problem causing the crash.
Later restart was uneventful and the same two cars, #99 and # 6 paced the field to the checkers.
#99 Johnnie Johnson won the Modified and #6 James Rogers won the Sportsman.
1-#99 Johnnie Johnson
2-#6 James Rogers
3-#28 Kenneth Tuttle
4-#83 ben Brown
5-#45 Donovan Freeman
6-#53 Todd Saintsing R
7-#19 Jerry Tuttle
8-#18 Pat Martin
9-#7 Danny Clegg
10# 9 Rosey George
See ya next race...................................be safe!

The normally on top of things pit reporter for the ECFFRA, John "Speedy" Henry has been missing in action this season.  The club has had races and no post to the web site.
The management here a ECFFRA Motor Sports would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Henry and ask him to please come home.  Many thousands of loyal race fans depend on this site to stay abreast of the Vintage Racing scene in the South.
So wherever you are,  PLEASE COME HOME!!!

Annual Rules Meeting Held
The ECFFRA met at the Fire Mountain Grill for their annual rules meeting.  All present had a nice meal, a nice prayer by Mr Clegg.  Coffee was served up and the members and car owners went about their business.
Discussions were held on all topics of interest prior to a vote.
Changes were made in areas that will increase competition, reduce cost to enter club and increase the FUN!
After all, its all about the fun.
Discussions were had on the annual Daytona Trip.  Plans have not been finalized as of this writing.
See ya at the next meeting.

The old guys ( and gals....sorry) showed up at the Whistle Stop in Eden NC for the annual East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association banquet and Awards ceremony.
All in attendance had a nice time remembering the last season and pondering the next.
Champions for the Modified was Ric Newson and Champion for the Sportsman was James Rogers.  Awards and checks were distributed and all enjoyed the bench racing.
Our first race will be in Daytona again, and all that plan to attend should contact Kenneth so we can arrange the motel accomadations.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

The East Coast guys showed up at Randy Meyers Friendship Motor Speedway on September 9, 2006 ready to race.
A full field of flatheads took the green for 20 laps of racing.  James Rogers jumped into an early lead with Rik Newsom giving chase.  They finished with Rik in first and James in second, taking the sportsman and modified win.
The real racing was back in 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Donavan Freeman ran in 3rd, with John Barrow running side by side for I know 5 laps, with Kenneth Tuttle in the #28 in 5th trying to figure out who to follow.  The #55 cleared the Freeman car and set sail for the leaders.  Several laps later the #55 and the #18 of Rosie George got a little to close in turn 2 and spun.
The race ended with many cars on the lead lap and the late caution left the finishing order in question until the checkered flag waived.
1-Rik Newsom
2-James Rogers
3-Kenneth Tuttle
4-Donovan Freeman
5-Mike Norman
6-John Barrow
7-Jerry Tuttle
8-Rosey George
9-Dennis Overby
10-Johnnie Johnson

RAINOUT at Friendship Rescheduled for September 9, 2006

OCS proved to be a fast and smooth track for the ECFFRA drivers.  A field of cars took the  green for 20 laps of flathead racing.  When the night was done, Rik Newsom won the Modified and James Rogers won the Sportsman.  Rosie George posted a season high finish of 4th overall, second in the Sportsman.
Our next race is at Friendship Speedway in Elkin, NC on August 31, 2006.  See ya there!

     The Summer Storms that drenched the Triad just missed Hudson, NC track to allow for a shortened ECFFRA race.  The promoter, under threat of a rainout, shortened our race to just 15 laps.
     The ECFFRA cars lined up for a start on the high banks of  Tri-County Speedway in rural Hudson, North Carolina under threatening skys.  A few raindrops fell, but not enough to cancel the racing!
     Jerry Tuttle in the #19 "Punkin" drew the outside  pole  with #53 on the pole for the second race in a row.  #6 was third and #55 fourth at the start.  First lap was like the last with #53 leading and #6 in second.  #99 returned to finish third, #83 forth.
Come see the ECFFRA in action at Orange County Speedway on August 19. 

     The ECFFRA Boys (and girls.)  showed up at the finest facility on the ECFFRA Virginia Tour July 1 as the top draw on the Card!  Whitey sure knows how to celebrate the 4th with a night full of audience participation racing.
     Whitey had his annual "$1000.00 to win" buzz bomber race which drew cars from all over the south.  We saw a few famaliar faces amont those that showed up to claim what has been billed as the biggest prize in buzz bomber racing.  I reckon Whitey has created a kinda "Kings Royal" of buzz bomber racing, which is a testiment to his promotional genius!
     The excitement started early with a miscue in practice that resulted a crashed #55.  That narrowed the field to 9 cars.  The draw put the #53 and #83 on the pole for the race.  The #28 car  returned to action with the ECFFRA with Johnny Johnson at the wheel.
     The #83 lead the whole race with # 6 giving chase for most of the 25 laps.  The surprise was the strong run  of the #28 in third overall.
     It was a caution free race with #83 Ric Newsom taking the Modified win and #6 James Rogers takeing the Sportsman win.  Come see us in two weeks at Tri-County Raceway in Hudson, NC

     Clear skies and warm weather greeted the ECFFRAs' visit to the senic 4/10th mile track in lovely Elkin, NC.  Colorful flathead race cars filled the backstretch of what has to be one of the nicest infields we race at. 
     The Track officials were cordial and the practice proceeded without incident as the flathead guys prepared to race for 20 laps at the low banked oval.
     After practice, Edith Tuttle, the Director of Sports Marketing and Hospitality handled the task of the draw for the start of the race.  Benji Brown drew the pole with Jimmy Clegg on the outside.  Favorites Johnny Johnson and Ric Newsom were deeper in the field.
     Ben Brown brought the old fords down the the green flag in good fashion,  which lasted to the first turn, where #7 Jimmy Clegg, from the outside pole, was moving to the inside and spun out on cold tires.  The #7 hit the inside wall and the car incurred enough damage that it did not continue.  The #55 pitted during the caution for an open door (you don't hear that every day) and was relagated from 3rd   to the rear of the pack for the second restart.
     The second restart was smooth as the #6 lead until being overtaken by the  #53.  There was much racing in the field as the #99 Johnny Johnson raced from a back of the field starting position to challenge the #53 in the modified division.
     The #6 James Rogers assumed the Sportsman lead and never relinquished it during the caution free race.  The #29 "racin' milk man" Jack Hale held the 2nd Sportsman position for several laps until the #55, which started at the rear, caught and carefully passed him in turn 1.
     The race proceeded smoothly as the field spread out during the 20 caution free laps.  #53 Ric Newson won the Modified and #6 James Rogers won the Sportsman.   Next race will be at Franklin County July 1, see ya there!
(the club may race a rain makeup before, so check back for  an update)

THEN . . . .  The Rains Came ! ! ! !

    Yea, the rain out makeup race at Friendship Motor Speedway was rained out.  You know we needed the rain, just not on Friday Night!  This race has not been rescheduled.


     What a great day to race in Virginia.  Virginia may be for lovers, antique ford race car lovers that is.......  The ECFFRA had 9 cars make the trip to Whitey's fabled facility for 25 exciting laps of racing, and the fans will tell your that they were not disappointed.  (on a personal note, Whitey painted the bathrooms, smell and all.  It was an improvement, however, there were no signs so there was still  some excitement caused by some confused newcomers in the wrong restroom)
     On the start the milk man and the #7 of Jimmy Clegg had a close call.  The #53 took the lead from the #6 Pole sitter, James Rogers.  The cars ran a few laps in a tight pack, a result of the new carb rule.
     Eb Clifton subbed in the #83 Blue Coupe, his first time behind the wheel in about 40 years.  Eb ran some good laps until about 1/2 way through the race when the Milkman and he collided exiting turn 2.   Them old farts race hard!   No great damage, and both cars finished the race no worse for the wear.
     The #53 Ric Newsome assumed the lead with the #99, piloted by Sportsman Champ, Kenneth Tuttle, giving chase.  #6 James Rogers held third , John Barrow in the #55 ran fourth and Jack "the milkman" Hale  recovered from the spin to run fifth.  This was the first race the Barrow has finished this year, with bugs plaguing the #55 Coupe all season.
     #53 Ric Newsom wins the Modified and #6 James Rogers wins the Sportsman.
     Look for the ECFFRA cars next weekend at Friendship Motor Speedway on Friday Night for a rain out makeup.    See ya there!

   The May 12 race at Friendship Motor Speedway was rained out.  A storm shower wet the track part way through the evenings show and the track crews were unable to dry the track in time to finish the show.  At this time the race has not been rescheduled.  Check in here for a rain date.


   The  ECFFRA visited the very nice Tri-County Speedway last Friday Night April 28th after a April 21st rain out.  This was the first visit to this track for the Flatheads in recent history and one now soon forgotten.
   The track is nestled in the foothills of North Carolina and the drive to the track is long, but well worth it.  The rural North Carolina scenery along the way in April was refreshing to this writer .  No pig farms or chicken coops, just North Carolina country!
   The   gang of old Fords arrived early at the track via the tunnel at the track.  This feature was nice.  The old guys like to vamoose when the race is over, no hanging around.
   The practice was allowed about 10 minutes before the race, which was a problem for those that hadn't run this track before (duh, everybody), as a gear change or repair was not allowed because of the shortness of the timing.  The promoter said he would do better when we return later in the summer.
   The cars lined up by draw and roared off into the 1st turn.  Ric Newsome lead early in the Modifieds with Johnny Johnson in persuit.  The new driver, Jack Hale, roared off to the sportsman lead and never relinquished it.  Several cars had trouble including John Barrow and James Rogers.  Rosey George ran a good race and paced the sportsman field in 2nd place for most of the race.
   The racing at the front was familiar with Johnny Johnson and Ric Newsom battling at the front.
   The Modified was won by Johnny Johnson.
   The Sportsman was won by Hack Hale.  This was Jack's first race with the club in five years.  Jack is surely the oldest winner in ECFFRA history at 81 years.  Jack race a good race and everyone in the crowd went wild when the announcer told them that Jack was 81.
   See  ya at Friendship Speedway on May 12.

APRIL 21 TriCounty Rainout
The first local race of the year has been canceled because of rain.  The great staff at TriCounty Speedway let us know before anyone had to haul up there.  Some tracks should take a lesson from these guys.  Anyway, We will race at TriCounty next Friday night, April 28th.
See ya there!

The group that is trying to reopen North Wilkesboro Speedway advised that the speedway will not reopen this season.  We thank the group for their efforts and hope that it will all work out next year.


     The ECFFRA took 9 teams to Daytona Florida for the 2006  Winter Nationals at Orlando Speedworld.  The trip down was long and uneventful (thanks) and it took the guys a while to find the motel and the track.  Both were about 30 minutes south of Daytona.  The track, Orlando Speedworld, is a super fast 3/8 high banked track.  The ECFFRA just loved it.
     The teams stayed at the Holiday Inn on the Indian River with a view of the Space Center.  The parking lot was spacious with plenty of room for the cars and race preparations. (the hardtop was VIP as we pitted in the sand at the track.....very iffy on a jackstand!)
     Upon arrival at the Speedway, we were warmly greeted by the track officials.  We all pitted together and were given 2 practices, a 10 lap heat race and a 20 lap feature.  As Rusty, the track operator said, "you didnt drive 500 miles just to race 20 laps did you?" .  Damn, what a nice thoughtful promoter.  We need to give him  a trophy!  He told us it was our show and we could run it the way we wanted!
     The Thursday night racing went off without a hitch, 2 practices, a 10 lap heat and a 20 lap feature.  Johnny Johnson won the modified and Kenneth Tuttle won the Sportsman.  We were out by 9:30 pm.
     The Friday night was a different story with the ECFFRA set last instead of first.  Johnny Johnson won the Modified and James Rogers won the Sportsman race. . . . . . .and we finished at 1:30am.  I reckon you can race all night in Florida. . . . .  I reckon the allegators don't complain too much about the noise.
     Being the first race of the season, there was plenty of work to do on the cars after each race and the parking lot at the Holliday Inn looked like the pit at the Daytona 500!  The folks at the Holiday Inn were great and accomadated us at every turn.
     Sadly, Saturday brought the rain.  It blew up clouds and started raining in the afternoon.  All practice and heats were cancelled at the track and we finally called the race after 6 pm.
    All in all, our first visit to the Orlando Speedworld was a great success.  The track personel was great and the facility was great!  One racer said the he would like to take the track back up the road to NC.  It's true, the flatheads loved the track and the racing was fast and competative.  We look forward to visiting Orlando Speedworld next year.



ITS DONE..................... The 2006 Schedule that is!
The long awaited schedule for the 2006 season is done.  After many months of hard work by our members, we have a good schedule for the 2006 season.
Especially nice will be two visits to the Historic North Wilkesboro Speedway this season.  I would like to thank Kirk Wilson for including our organization in their new season, first since 1996.  I will be so much fun to see the old coupes and coachs on the track at NWS. 
The Save the Speedway folks agreed that the old cars were a natural for this historic speedway and we agree. 
Kenneth Tuttle has set up a great season for us at Friendship Motor Speedway, Callaway USA, Hickory Motor Speedway, Tri-County Speedway, Orange County, Concord Motorsport Park and of course North Wilkesboro Speedway!

   Club Pres Kenneth Tuttle has been working hard at lining up races for the ECFFRA  2006 season.  We will be racing at all the tracks we raced at last season plus we will add Hickory and Tri-County to the line up this season.  Of course multiple visits to Friendship Motor Speedway and Franklin County Callaway USA are slated.
   It is shaping up like a very well planned out season for all our racers and we want to welcome the new racers to our fold.........Friends, Fellowship and Racin'   !!!!!!!!!!   What else could one ask for.
   See ya at the track.


A very nice November meetng was had at the new Fire Mountain on Hanes Mill Road in WInston-Salem, NC.
Many memebers were in attendance and the group discussed the success of the 2005 season, and plans for the 2006 season. 
Members confirmed their choice to skip the North-South Shootout because our lack of control over the cars to compete.  As all members know our rules reflect safety ,parity and affordability in racing.  Our lack of ability to sponsor the event precipitated our withdrawal.  One race engines and light unsafe cars is not where the club chooses to go.  ECFFRA rules makes racing old fords safe, affordable and fun.  After all, that is what it's all about...... the fellowship.
The group discussed the rules package for the 2006 season with an eye towards economy and parity.  All agreed that some testing may be neccessary before any changes are made.
All have a nice Thanksgiving!

The club at its regular Monday night meeting voted not to attend the North South Shootout.  A nice dinner was had.
   The last regular race of the season was an exciting one.  There was racing from front to the rear of the pack.  Early on Rik Newsom and James Rogers pulled away from the nearly full field of ECFFRA cars.  The #99 was piloted by NASCAR regular Johnnie Johnson this night and he was mired in the field from the start.
   The #16 of Kenneth Tuttle paced the Sportsman cars during most of the race, followed by the #6 of Danny Clegg.
   Rosey George in the familar #18 Blue Coupe announced that this was his last race, however, that remains to be seen.  Check back in '06!
As the race wound down, The #99 of Johnnie Johnson caught the #53 of Rik Newsom in a spritited battle for the Modified lead.  Johnson later passed and eventually pulled away from Newsom.
The #16 of Ken Tuttle had engine problems and he pulled to the pits on the last lap leaving the door open for #9 Danny Clegg to get his first win in the Sportsman Class.  But a loose 1940 Sedan in turns 4 spelled an end to that bid for a win when Clegg hit the wall short of the fininh line.
Johnson won the Modified and Ken Tuttle won the Sportsman from the pits.


   The North-South Shoouout in coming up November 4-5 at Concord Motor Speedway.  The flatheads  will be running a 10 lap heat race on the 4th and a 25 lap feature on the 5th.  Most exciting.
   As you know, The North-South Shootout is a non-points event, but it is probably one of our better races of the year.  We encourage all members to sign up for this event.  The East Coast Flatheads have been invited to this event every year since its inception and the fans really look forward to the show the "old cars" put on.
  I have added a link to the entry form page of the NSS website.   Be sure to link to the North-South site to print an entry form and mail it in.  The page link is below.
   You can link to the North-South Shootout site above or on our LINKS page.  Check it out!  A good time will be had by all at this 2 day event.



     The ECFFRA flatheads showed up at FMS  August 13, 2005 for a night of tomato sandwiches, fried chicken and racing.  Eleven cars showed up to compete in the nights race with mostly regular faces.  Absent last race but ready to compete on the 4/10 bullring was Jerry Tuttle in the #19 "punkin".  Also was a guest driver for the #7, as Jimmy Clegg was unavailable to pilot the #7.
    Practice was hot, and FMS gave the flatheads 2 nice practices to straignten out any handling problems on the cars.
     A draw had the Modified #6 James Rogers and the Sportsman #16 Ken Tuttle on the front row.  Tranny troubles in the #16 sidelined the Ken Tuttle entry before the start of the race.  A smooth start had all cars off to a good start and the Modified # 6 of James Rogers takes the lead early.  The #55 of John  Barrow assumed the Sportsman lead from the 6th place starting position and led the whole race.  Sportsman #9 Danny Clegg gave chase and made it a race. 
     Modified #53 Rik Newsom took the lead and early leader #6 James Rogers chased each other for several laps finishing nose to tail, 1st and 2nd with Modified #99 David Atkins in 3rd and Donovan Freeman in the Modified  #45 finishing fourth with Sportsman #55 John Barrow rounding out the top 5.
     It was an exciting race run with no cautions.  It was Barrow's first win with the ECFFRA after a several year string of 2nd place finishes.  Post race interviews were spirited with Rik Newsom climbing the fence to celebrate his fifth win of the season.
     Our next race will be at Friendship Motor Speedway on October 15, 2005.  Don't miss it as the Championship Battle in both divisions will be decided.

Friendship Hosts The ECFFRA Cars
    The flatheads showed up at FMS along with the Virginia Old Timers  to put on a great show.  ECFFRA has 10 Cars in attendance and ran a 20 a feature.  It was an exciting night with Modified #6 starting on the Pole.  The big guy from Virginia led for a number of laps.
    The Modified #53 piloted by Rik Newsom worked his way through the field and was leading at the end of the caution free race.  The Sportsman #16 Kenneth Tuttle in his 1940 Ford coach found a familar place on lap 3 as he eased by Sportsman #55 John Barrow to assume the Sportsman lead which he held to the end of the race.
   All in all it was a good evening of racing with FMS being the always gratious host.
   See ya back at FMS on August 13.

     Whitey again welcomed the ECFFRA to his unique facility on the fourth of July.  This visit was the scene of the annual Club picnic with over 30 members and friends in attendance.  The fair was hot dogs and tons of homemade potato salad and slaw and beets and cake and brownies  and cake . . . . well you get the idea.  A great time was had by all and the picnic was finished before the rains came.
   Rain. . . a bad thing at Franklin County.  Bad because the red mud that gets everywhere and on everything.  Not bad because the track drys in no time flat.
     The Flatheads took to the track for 25 laps of racing.  John Barrow and James Rogers started from the pole as a result of the draw.  Past winners Kenneth Tuttle and Rik Newsom drew the rear of the 10 car field.
     The first attempt at a start was yellow flagged as #53 Rik Newsom and #16 Kenneth Tuttle tangled in turn 2.   Kenneth Tuttle was left crashed head first into the inside wall.  The cars again lined up double file for a restart which on the second try went well.
     Racing was heated all around the track with #99 with Johnnie Johnson  pacing the field at a furious pace .  Johnson lead in the 1937 flatback until a spin to avoid another car on lap 20.  Rik Newson took the lead and never looked back.  In the Sportsman Class, #16 Ken Tuttle, recovered from the early crash and took the lead from #55 John Barrow on lap 8 and held it till the finish.  Donavan Freeman made a second appearance this season and  piloted the #45 to a nice finish.
     A good time was had by all.  Friends, Fellowship and Racecars .  .  . . .  .  .  .what else does one need!
Pics to follow later in the week.  ed.

The field lines up for the start. . . . . . . . . .

ECFFRA's Return to Friendship Exciting!
   The return to Friendship Motor Speedway by the Old Flatheads yielded  an exciting race.  Rosie's newly implemented  drawing procedure yielded similar results as the Eb's #53 drew the front row for the 4th race in a row!  Yes, Rik in not quite ready to give up that horseshoe just yet!
   The early going was slowed with the #55 spinning after an altercation with slower traffic in turn 4, along with the #19.  The 19 continued and the #55 went to the pits for service of a flat.
  The field took the green single file with Rik in the #53 leading the way with the Jimmy Cleggs #7 in persuit.  The racing was exciting during the middle laps with lots of good hard racing from front to rear.  John Barrow's #55 returned only to exit laps later with an ill handling car. 
   Caution flew again on lap 15 as the #7 and Jerry Tuttles' #19 tangled with the #7 receiving the worst of it.  Jimmy Cleggs' #7 was retired for the evening on the hook.
   The Race restarted with 5 to go, Rik's #53 leading a hungry #6 of James Rogers.  Sportsman points leader  Kenneth Tuttle #16 had trouble late, slowing his pace, however he had a sufficient lead on his competitors to bring home another 1st place in the sportsman class.
Rik's #53 won the modified class and the overall.
Race length was 20 laps with 2 cautions.

Bowman Gray Stadium Race a Thriller - June 11, 2005  25 Laps

Bob Burton showing out in turn 2 at BGS!

    The old Fords showed up at the Fabled Bowman Gray Stadium under the appreciative eye of Staduim Director Gray Garrison last saturday night for 20 laps on the famous 1/4 mile bullring.
    David Prillimans' #45 started on the pole with Eb Clifton's 53 on the outside as the result of a draw.  Rik Newson got a good jump on the start and never relinquished the lead.  The racing back in the pack however, was heated.  Caution was shown on lap 1 for a spin by Johnnie Johnson after a nudge by the #45 car.  A busted tire put the #99 down two laps, but  Johnnie was determined to show the crowd that he had the car to beat this night as he returned to the fray and passed the leader, Newsom.
   John Barrow in the #55 and Bob Burton in the #45 had a heated battle for 4 th place for the caution free middle laps of the race, with #45 succoming to #55 in turn 2 when Burton in the the #45 bicycled through the turn almost rolling, slowing Mr. Burton's pace.  Bob recovered nicely to finish 5th and Barrow overheated and finished 10th.
   Progress was slowed on lap 15 with the #7 of Jimmy Clegg blowing a hose and #55 spitting water on the track bringing out the second caution of the night.  The final 5 laps were uneventful with Rik Newsom #53 taking the checkers for the Modified and #16 Ken Tuttle in a solid run to the Sportsman victory.   Jerry Tuttle in the famous #19 Punkin' had his best run of the year finishing 4th.
  Your next chance to see the old Flatheads run is at Friendship Motor Speedway in Elkin on June 25.  Be there!

FRIENDSHIP MOTOR SPEEDWAY  May 28, 2005   25 laps


     The ECFFRA Cars took to the track at the lovely 4/10 mile Friendship Motor Speedway Saturday afternoon.  The weather was perfect for the third race of the season and eight cars showed for the contest.
     As usual, the kind folks at FMS were gracious host to the club.  We had two practice sessions (needed if you haven't been to the track before or have some repair or modification to check out) and they were well used.  We had a new driver, David Adkins, running the 99 car and he took full advantage of the two sessions. 
     I spoke to David before the race and he said that he had been racing for years in sprints, but had never ran on asphalt.  Well David is a racer, and he seemed to get a handle on the car and track during practice.
     Missing from the lineup was the #19 Pumkin' of Jerry Tuttle with clutch problems and the #9 and #7 from the Clegg stable.  My understanding was graduation plans and a "cooked motor" in the #7.  We will look forward to seeing these guys and the next race.
     The drivers drew for position pitting Eb Cliftons #53 - Rik Newsom on the pole with #21 Steve Gourley on the outside pole.  As the pace car dropped off the track, the sound of a pack of flatheads roaring into turn one brought back memories of days gone by.  The race was on.  Steve Gourley #21 moved behind #53 entering turn one as the faster modifieds moves to the outside to try to keep pace with Rik in the #53.  The tight pack running through turns one and two left Steve Gourleys #21 in the inside wall drawing the first of several cautions.
     The field reassembled for a single line restart after a few caution laps to remove the #21 from the middle of turn one.  #53 lead easily followed by the # 6 of James Rogers and #16 of Kenneth Tuttle.
     Trouble for James Rogers sent him to the pits for repairs during the middle of the race, losing several laps.  #18 Rosie George experianced some problems that sidelined his 1940 Coupe. 
     As the laps wound down, the race for the Modified victory was a contest between #53 Rik Newsom and newcomer #99 David Adkins.  Adkins, a fast learner was keeping pace with the leader  when the usually reliable #53 slowed and stopped on the track drawing another caution.  Rik was able to get the car going again, but had lost a lap.
     At the end, #53 again stopped on the track, leaving newcomer David Adkins in the fabled Johnny Johnson prepared #99 in Victory Lane for his first  Modified ECFFRA victory.  Kenneth Tuttle gathered another Sportsman Victory finishing 2nd overall.
     We race again on June 11 at Bowman-Gray Stadium.  Don't miss it.

FRANKLIN COUNTY SPEEDWAY   May 14, 2005   25 Laps
  Whitey Taylor was again host to the ECFFRA Fords Saturday night at his unique Callaway USA Speedway.
   The aroma of fried chicken and tomato sandwichs  waifed from the ECFFRA pits prior to race time as all contestants and their crews enjoyed a picnic dinner prior to the racing festivities.
   Saturday nights race at Franklin County Speedway in Callaway, Virginia was 25 very exciting laps.  Eleven contestants drew for starting positions on the grid to take the green flag.  The #21 car of Steve Gourley spun off turn 4 on lap 8 due to a blown water hose.  After a brief caution, the field took the green for the final  17 laps. 
   Rik Newsom's #53 won the Modified division in a heated battle with #99 piloted by Ken Tuttle.  Billy Barbour's #16 won the Sportsman division going away with no serious competition in closing laps.
   The ride home was a the usual road course of twisty mountain roads for 20 miles.  Once on the highway, the caravan made its traditional stop at the Dodge Store for Virginia's best fried chicken.
   Our next race wil be at Friendship Motor Speedway on May 28, 2005.  Come out and see the cars and get a free poster. 

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